NHS 70 superstars: J

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with  J:

Jacci Sharp, Assistant practitioner in occupational therapy, Bretton centre, Fieldhead
“Jacci brings a calming, thoughtful approach into what can be a very busy, acute environment. She takes the time to get to know people, she truly looks for the best in people.”

Jackie Bailey, team leader, Rapid response team, Intermediate care, Kendray Hospital
“Fantastic team leader who always puts the team and patients first.”

“For always supporting us and for being so understanding and for working like a trooper with us.”

Jackie Culley, mental health practitioner, Focus CAMHS, Newton Lodge
“Just want to say thank you for being you and making some days easier and of course the entertainment factor! Always going above and beyond for the team and feeding us!”

Jackie Craven, lead governor, members’ council, Wakefield
“Jackie, a publicly elected SWYPFT governor for Wakefield, shows incredible commitment to the Trust in so many ways and all on a voluntary basis. In addition to her Lead Governor duties, which keep her busy, she attends every Welcome Event to support new staff in SWYPFT and supports many service users and carers through her wider voluntary work. Her commitment, dedication and hard work embody the Trust’s values and we are lucky to have her as part of our Members’ Council.”

Jackie Davis, learning and development clinical bands 1-4 lead, L&D, Fieldhead
“I have known Jackie for over 30 years. She has always been a lovely approachable lady. She has seen me and supported me through my journey from an NA to a band 3 to a band 4. Despite recent difficult times she has remained supportive, can’t thank her enough.”

“Thanking them for their long-term commitment to the Trust along with the true dedication Jackie shows every day. As a qualified nurse she sees the Trust from every angle. And now as the learning and development lead for band’s 2 – 4, in the clinical setting she shows true passion and drive for this. Her commitment is second to none from providing care certificate support to apprenticeships and branching into how the nursing apprenticeships may look. Her true dedication is something that we all look up to her for and it will be a shame when she leaves for retirement.”

Jackie Japp, receptionist/administrator, Kendray Hospital
“Jackie is a very pleasant lady who is the ‘font of all knowledge’ on the main reception desk here at Kendray Hospital. She is friendly, caring and approachable and will always go the extra mile to help anyone. The reception area is a credit to her, it is very well kept and a pleasant area to be. The NHS is well served with people like Jackie on the ‘team’.”

Jackie McGrath, nursing assistant, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“Always so positive, kind to patients and supportive to all she encounters.”

Jackie Whiteley, catering, Fieldhead canteen
“In previous jobs, lunch and time away from the desk didn’t seem important but it’s different here and that is thanks to Jackie and the brilliant staff at the restaurant at Fieldhead and the Oasis Café.  My colleagues and I really look forward to our lunches and the laughs we have with the staff. Every day we are met with big smiles, good humour and delicious home cooked food – no matter how you are feeling or what’s happening in the office, the staff put a smile on your face within seconds of you arriving. They are a superb bunch of staff and they are a credit to the organisation.”

“Thanks, Jackie. Coming to the canteen is a happy experience when you are around – the food, the welcome, the singing – it’s a great pick-me-up whether it’s an early start or a lunchtime break and it’s satisfaction guaranteed.”

Jacob Agoro, team manager, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For helping me with my IT ” the clicks”, for being patient, for listening and giving sensible advice, for being responsive when I ask. You make me feel valued and sane.”

“For being a thoughtful and supportive manager.”

Jacqueline Sharp, assistant practitioner in occupational therapy, Occupational therapy, Bretton Centre
“Jacqueline has such an uplifting and positive attitude to our OT team. Even on a grey day she spreads her rays of sunshine to our team and to the wards. We are so lucky to have her.”

Jade Elliott, staff nurse, Beechdale Ward
“Outstanding dedication to the ward, goes above and beyond her role as staff nurse and is a highly valued and respected member of the team.”

James Biggart, receptionist, Bretton Centre
“James is funny, straight forward and down to earth. He is respectful, dedicated, always on time, is willing to help anyone and is very professional.”

James Jackson, staff nurse, Stanley Ward, Fieldhead
“James joined our team a few months ago. He has brought so much positivity and joy to the team. He is a kind, considerate and compassionate nurse.”

“Thoughtful, kind, service user focused and perceptive. The future of mental health nursing is safe in the hands of young nurses like James!”

James Leach, principal P&I analyst, Performance and information team, Fieldhead
“James is always accessible and committed to ensuring that we receive performance data we need to do our jobs. He is someone that welcomes us going back to him several times until we are happy with what we have received from the performance and information team and he never gets frustrated or annoyed with our demands. He certainly makes my job easier!”

James Waplington, general manager, Wakefield older people’s service
“James has a no-nonsense approach – which is a refreshing change and always grasps the heart of any issue immediately. He is service user focused and wants the best. Excellent to work for.”

Jamie Wood, staff nurse, Melton suite, Oakwell Centre
“For being an amazing nurse and working well within the team.”

“Jamie is an excellent staff nurse and an asset to Melton Suite. He is caring, compassionate and always strives to deliver the best quality care for his patients. Jamie is a fantastic role model for junior staff and is always willing to offer support and advice when needed. You’re Melton Suite’s favourite strawberry blonde – thanks for brightening up everyone’s day!”

Jan Spence, service manager, Yorkshire Smokefree Calderdale
“Supporting me to work with a broken wrist. She would write things down and even open tins of soup for me. I felt special, a valued member of a wonderful team.”

Jane Illingsworth, staff nurse, Johnson Ward, Newton Lodge
“Jane always goes above and beyond her call of duty. She genuinely cares about her patients and always ensures patient centred care. Jane not only looks after her patients but is supportive of all staff around her and is always there when staff need extra support. When Jane is on shift, the shift it always runs smoothly and any problems that arise are always dealt with. Jane is proactive, caring and an extremely valuable member of the team. She is an absolute asset to the ward and a pleasure to work with.”

“Thanks, Jane for being an inspirational colleague with a great sense of humour. You always have time to listen and are always happy to help both staff and patients. A shift spent with you always feels like a job well done. You will always go the extra mile for everyone and are an asset to the ward.”

Jane Jukes, BHF heart failure specialist nurse, Heart failure service, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Jane is passionate and enthusiastic about the heart failure service and is keen to develop new ways of working to help the team effectively meet the ever-growing demands on their time. She is an asset to the service and remains positive and eager to deliver a quality service!”

Jane Littlewood, mental health liaison practitioner, Mental health liaison team, The Dales
“For being empathetic and patient centred, very respectful of difference and diversity. Put it this way, if I was unwell, in Jane’s hands I would be well cared for.”

“Jane is a breath of fresh air, she advocates for people, is very person-centred and always goes the extra mile.”

Jane Mundy, staff nurse, Memory service, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being consistently hard working and being an excellent team player. Jane is always willing to help anyone.”

“I am thanking Jane because she gives a lot of herself to help and support her patients and their families. Jane is supportive of her colleagues and is a valued member of the team.”

Jane Riley, chief pharmacist
“Thanks for being an excellent co-ordinator, advisor, forward thinker and major asset to the Pharmacy service.”

Jane Scholey, administrator, communication and involvement, Fieldhead
“Jane is a lovely person to work with. She is kind and thoughtful, takes an interest in colleagues personally and is always the first to notice when somebody needs a hug. She works hard and likes to be busy.”

“Jane is a lovely, kind and caring person. Always ready with a hug or two when needed, despite having her own issues to deal with. She readily takes the lead in looking after people when the need arises and offers words of advice and chocolate! She doesn’t think it, but she is an inspiration to others.”

Jane Slatter, enhanced team west medical secretary, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being hardworking and always eager to help. Jane has a very busy job, but is always happy to help and always cheerful with it.”

Jane Spencer, clinical support manager, Trustwide
“Jane constantly shows commitment and dedication to driving improvements in clinical supervision and is a lovely person to have around the office.”

Jane Wilson, PA to director of finance, Fieldhead
“Whenever I ask Jane for support with anything she goes out of her way to help. She’s always friendly and approachable.”

Janet Armin, staff nurse, district nursing team, Thurnscoe LIFT
“Janet is one of the kindest, caring people I have met through my life and she puts others first before herself. I’m grateful to work alongside such a thoughtful person and she makes me smile every time I see her.”

“For being a great team player.”

Janet Audin, secretary to specialist nursing services, Apollo Court
“Janet is the most amazing colleague, nothing is ever too much trouble. She is fantastic at her job and makes my life easier being there when I need secretarial help. She is always there with a listening ear when life is tough and you know it’s held in confidence. Janet is a real superstar, a real asset to the Trust and all her work mates.”

Janet Beal, nursing assistant, Enfield Down
“Janet has a kind and caring nature. I have experienced her nurture for some very challenging and unwell patients throughout the years. She does this with such finesse and ease.”

Janet Clegg, healthcare assistant, ECT department, The Dales
“Janet is a fabulous asset to the team. She has been within the team for the longest time and she deserves recognition for all her hard work and dedication. There is nothing she will not do whether it be for patients or staff. She is a superstar!”

“Janet goes above and beyond in her role as healthcare assistant within the ECT team. She is the longest serving member of the team and deserves recognition for all that she does! She is a superstar!”

Janet Clegg, Healthcare assistant, Thornhill ward, Bretton
“Janet has developed into a fabulous health care assistant since starting as a Band 2. She is a grafter, has a good sense of humour and is not afraid to be involved in difficult and challenging situations. She often brightens the mood with her charm and is a valued member of the Thornhill team.”

Janet Dunford, front desk at Folly Hall
“Janet is always cheerful and friendly. She goes out of her way to help staff and visitors at Folly Hall.”

Janet Gregory, medical secretary, Administrative support services, Priestley Unit
“Janet is always friendly and cheerful. She is so helpful, doing all she can to assist. It makes our jobs easier and I’m very grateful.”

Janet Koroma, bank community nurse, Community nursing team, Keresforth Centre
“Thank you, Janet, for the many years of service to the community team in Barnsley. You are tireless in your commitment to supporting service users and their families.”

Janet Owen, end of life care clinical lead, Macmillan team, Silkstone Health Centre
“For being her! Janet is fabulous! She champions end of life and palliative care at every opportunity and is keen to develop both, herself, and wider staff in order to ensure patients receive the highest possible standard of care. She works closely with the Macmillan charity in developing bids for additional funding to develop our staff and provide opportunities for development and career progression! She is a star that hasn’t received the recognition she truly deserves so this is my way of shining a light on her fabulousness!”

Janet Smith, adult safeguarding advisor
“Janet really inspired me to think about my practice and to appreciate my level of working, giving me the confidence to progress and develop my skills further.”

“Ensuring that competing demands are prioritised and deadlines are achieved in a timely manner. Proud to be her manager.”

Janet Stephenson, CPN, Community mental health team older people’s service (West), Baghill House Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Janet has been a great inspiration for the team. She has been very selfless with her time and support for the team. She goes the extra mile for the team and her client group. She is an excellent team player. She has been a very valuable asset to the team.”

“Janet is a very considerate and compassionate team leader. She always has time for the team and when the times are tough she chips in with more than what duty calls for. She is easy going in her manner and is able to take the team with her. She is a huge asset to the team.”

“For always giving 110% to her job.”

“For all the support and guidance she offers the CMHT and service users. Nothing is too much trouble and she consistently goes above and beyond her role. Truly worthy of superstar status.”

“Janet is a caring and dedicated nurse who over the years has offered advice and support to staff, students and those accessing our service.”

Janet Sykes, medical secretary, enhanced 2 team, Folly Hall
“For being so committed to work and being so very efficient in her job. Janet has gone that extra mile many times to help service users when they have called in distress or had something to be sorted and many appreciate her for that. She is thorough in her work and sees through the task ensuring quality work, effective communication and above all compassionate patient centred care, which forms the crux of our Trust values. Janet made my work easy as she was so thorough and I could completely depend on her for the job to be done efficiently.”

Janet Thorpe, staff nurse, Ashdale ward, The Dales
“Janet is very supportive in her role as a staff nurse towards both staff and service users and has a good approach towards work. She is always willing to ‘muck in’ and is very approachable. She is a good listener and gives good advice. A pleasure to work with.”

Janet Whiting, clinical manager, speech and language therapy
“Janet is a very approachable and supportive manager who is always ready to help.”

Janine Allsopp, occupational therapist, Children’s therapy team, Kendray Hospital
“Janine is such a kind and supportive supervisor. She’s always willing to help and a great listener.”  

Janine Guthrie, Secretary Wakefield CAMHS, Airedale Health Centre
“Over the last few months, there have been many changes in the East admin team. Secretaries have left the service and there has been staff sickness which has left Janine to cover, induct and train new colleagues. She has worked tremendously hard in difficult circumstances and is an asset to our team. Knowing there are knowledgeable and committed staff to support the whole team is reassuring.”

Jayne Hoyland, Consultant secretary, Intensive Home Based Treatment, Oakwell Centre, Kendray, Barnsley
“For hard work and dedication to the Intensive Home Based Treatment Team.”

Jayne Jeavons, palliative care coordinator, Supportive care at home service, Silkstone Health Centre
“Jayne is one of those people who just quietly get on with their work on a daily basis despite continually juggling staff and patients in order to provide an effective supportive care at home service. She is positive, problem solves well and is a really good manager. I really enjoy working with her.”

Jeanette Jobling, senior community mental health nurse, Ageing and needs core team, Lundwood Health Centre
“For being the most humble and compassionate nurse I have worked alongside. For questioning me so well that I have to step back and really consider why I do something and for embodying the spirit of the NHS, even when she doubts herself most.”

Jemma Martin, bank healthcare support worker, Newton Lodge
“Jemma works as a bank healthcare support worker due to doing her nurse training. She always comes to work positive and is always smiling. She gives 100% every shift she works. A pleasure to work with and will make an excellent nurse!”

Jenna Jones, associate practitioner, Ward 18, Priestley Unit
Jenna is a hard-working, compassionate and enthusiastic member of staff. “Jenna is approachable and always available to listen to patient and staff’s problems. No task is too big for Jenna and she always carries it out with a smile on her face. Thank you, Jenna Jones, for being a superstar!”

Jennie Linstead, psychotherapist, improving access to psychological therapies, Barnsley
“For being an inspiration, a crutch and a wonderful compassionate human being.”

Jennifer Goodwin, occupational therapist, CMHT OPS, Folly Hall
“Jen is a very hardworking individual in the older people’s community mental health team. She has helped to develop occupational therapy into the team and how to support individuals with a mental health condition. She always goes the extra mile! No matter how she is feeling or what is going on, Jen will always make you smile and put others first!”

Jennifer Howes, ward manager, Johnson ward, Newton Lodge
“Jen is one of the most open, honest and straight talking ward managers I have had the pleasure to work under. She ensures that good quality care is delivered and provides excellent support to all her staff team. It’s a great pleasure to call her my ward manager.”

Jenny Booth, catering, Oasis Café
“In previous jobs, lunch and time away from the desk didn’t seem important but it’s different here and that is thanks to Jenny and the brilliant staff at the restaurant at Fieldhead and the Oasis Café.     My colleagues and I really look forward to our lunches and the laughs we have with the staff. Every day we are met with big smiles, good humour and delicious home cooked food – no matter how you are feeling or what’s happening in the office, the staff put a smile on your face within seconds of you arriving. They are a superb bunch of staff and they are a credit to the organisation.”

“Special thank you to Jenny who is always helpful whenever I go to the Oasis café. Jenny’s like a friendly neighbour and I really look forward to popping in for a chat – it makes a big difference to my day!”

“Every day Jenny greets everyone with a smile, she listens to what people say and goes out of her way to remember everyone’s name. She is so lovely to the people who use our services and she knows exactly what I want.”

Jenny Davies, senior occupational therapist, Horizon Centre, Fieldhead
“Jenny has only worked on the ward a couple of months but has made a difference. She always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to work aside.”

Jenny Doran, admin support community learning disability team, Fox View, Kirklees
“Jenny has been with us a long time and supported us as we have been through numerous service reconfigurations and transformation.”

Jenny Simons, staff nurse, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Jenny is always positive, caring and compassionate and has a flexible approach, being willing to cover shifts and support her colleagues.”

Jess Firth, Healthcare assistant, Hepworth ward, Newton Lodge
“Jess works extremely hard and is an asset to the ward team. She is very supportive to new starters always smiling, keen, enthusiastic and the patients always speaks highly of her.”

Jess Ringrose, staff nurse, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“Jess is a newly qualified mental health nurse and already she demonstrates wisdom beyond her years. My experience of working with her is a pleasant one. She is kind, caring, compassionate and values each member of the team no matter what banding, recognising the useful skills and attributes others have to offer. Although she hasn’t worked with us long it’s like she has, she became a part of the team almost immediately and her genuine and kind nature shines through.”

Jessica Nherera, staff nurse, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Jessica is always professional, caring and compassionate.”

Jhansi Rani, consultant child psychiatrist, CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Thanking her for her support, advice and for being the most knowledgeable, approachable consultant I have had for many years.”

Jill Poole, business development manager, health and wellbeing, Fieldhead
“Jill is the mother to everyone. She always has time and patience to help anyone out. She will always make sure she has time for people, especially if they may be struggling or need extra support. She is a very wise lady with vast experience and knowledge. Any problems or issues, then Jill is the first person to ask. She knows how to be discrete and you can talk to her about anything. With Jill nothing is ‘daft’ or ‘silly’ no question will seem too much trouble (and if by any chance she doesn’t know the answer, she will look it up and will get back to you). Such a warm, loving, caring and friendly person. I feel honoured to know such a wonderful person. Thank you for everything you do for me and for others too. Your door is always open and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Jill Newbert, community psychiatric nurse, rapid access team, Wakefield
“Jill has worked for the service for about 30 years in the older people’s department. She shows compassion and care for her patients and is very hard working. Jill is sensitive and empathetic towards everyone who is going through a difficult time. She has started doing extra work on the female acute wards, where she has been keen to expand her knowledge on working age adults despite the fact she should be winding down. Her motivation to work is astounding and for me, she’s truly inspiring. She inspired me to become a nurse and I hope I am still as passionate about my nursing career in 30 years as she is.”

Jill Sykes, team secretary, Core team west, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Jill is a joy to work with. She is hardworking and her daily positive quotes keep our team going.”

“Keeping our spirits up with her sense of humour, it helps to keep us grounded!”

Jill Young, team leader, Cardiac and pulmonary rehab service, Dorothy Hyman Centre
“Jill is an asset! She is a keen supporter and promoter of cardiac and pulmonary rehab and has recently been working with the CCG to deliver a new and improved service. She features in a recent DVD the service has commissioned to promote the use of their service and her enthusiasm and motivation is clear! She shares this with her staff and works above and beyond in delivering a fabulous service.”

Jo Ellam, team leader, Kirklees memory service, Folly Hall
“Jo is a fantastic manager, she gives her staff time and understanding. She is always available to have a chat with and she has been so supportive in the development of our team. She is brilliant.”

“I am nominating Jo because she is one of the most hardworking, understanding, supportive and inspiring leaders I have ever met.”

Jo Cheesbrough, ward manager, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

“For giving me employment with this Trust. I have been here ten years now. She believed in me, made me feel like I matter. Before this, I had suffered mental health issues myself, Joanne more than understands the issues many of us face. She was a really lovely manager, she really cared about the service users and the staff. I believe if it wasn’t for the opportunity Jo gave me I would not be here today, strong and thriving and doing, I believe, a great job. Thank you so much, Jo. You are a lovely caring person and hard working. Keep up the good work!”

Jo Ellam, team manager, memory services, Folly Hall
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Jo McLean, ward administrator, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Jo provides high quality, efficient administrative support to the team and a positive, friendly and professional welcome to anyone visiting the ward!”

Joan Bellanfante,  healthcare assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Joan shows resilience in the face of unimaginably challenging personal circumstances and always provides high standards of compassionate care to everyone on the ward.”

Joann Gibson, practice governance coach, Folly Hall
“Jo is one of my favourite people. She is hardworking, pragmatic and no nonsense. Jo has a brilliant sense of humour and makes working with her a total pleasure. Whenever I have an issue she is on hand to help. Makes my life so much easier.” 

Joanne Butterworth, healthcare assistant, Community nursing, Thurnscoe Health Centre
“For being a great team player.”

Joanne Eaton, catering manager, Catering, Fieldhead
“Joanne and her team always put in the extra effort to ensure service user’s dietary needs are always met. Joanne and her team will go out of their way to source dietary products if these are not on the standard menus. They go above and beyond their job role to support all the wards. Joanne is a lovely person to work with and always has time to listen to you even though the department is very busy. “

Joanne Ford-Smith, community staff nurse, Thurnscoe Health Centre
“Joanne is my mentor. I have watched over the past few weeks as Joanne has been the kindest and most supportive nurse to her patients, and also with me. I am thanking her for showing me true nursing, and the love and spirit you need to become the kind of nurse I want to be.”

Joanne Frayne, staff nurse, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“For being a very genuine hard working and caring nurse who is great at her job.”

Joanne Herbert, clinical team leader, ward 18, Priestley unit
“For being consistent, dependable and a good role model on the ward. Joanne is forward thinking and has a great commitment for change and has service users best interest at heart.”

Joanne Hind, portrait of a life team, Fieldhead
“For being a loyal, trustworthy and dependable colleague.”

“Joanne is a wonderful colleague – so helpful, caring and considerate. She has been a true inspiration to me. Her compassion and dedication have really made a positive difference in the lives of many individuals living in care homes across the Wakefield district.”

“For her constant dedication, passion and enthusiasm to the delivery of SWYPFT’s Portrait of a Life as part of the Vanguard Care Homes Programme over the last 3 years. Together with a colleague Jo, has been instrumental in this programme delivering training sessions to staff in both care homes and independent living schemes within the Wakefield District, to peer, professionals, volunteers and members of the public and promoting the message around the importance and requirement for person-centred care. Jo has an incredible manner with the resident’s she engages with and has supported staff and family members to undertake life story work with individual residents within these care settings. She quite rightly deserves the acknowledgement and to take pride from witnessing the positive impact her training has provided to individual people. A massive thank you for Jo’s invaluable contributions to making Portrait of a Life the success it has been as part of the Vanguard Programme and a key member of the team. On a more personal level, a big thank you for being the kind, caring, friendly, polite and respectful lady you are, always a smile.”

“Joanne is a dedicated member of the team. She has made a difference to so many lives by working for this Trust. She always has time for others – both staff, carers and service users. Joanne goes above and beyond in her duties and has skills which make a big difference in people’s lives. Thank you for being a great member of the team and carry on doing what you so well.”

Joanne Lee, staff nurse, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Support and friendliness during my placement.”

Joanne Maginn, administrative assistant, The Poplars
“Her consistent help and support that makes a difficult job much easier.”

Joanne Noble, health support worker, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“Jo is an asset to her team. She is always proactive, encouraging and positive. Her honesty and up-front attitude make her a pleasure to work with. Service users value her presence and support. She is creative and her involvement with the Recovery College has meant service users are able to show off their talents and learn new skills. She is fab!”

Joanne Pittam, patient flow clinical manager, Trustwide
“Incredible knowledge and always willing to help out, no matter what the task is. Always calm and measured.”

“Joanne is incredibly supportive and is always willing to help her colleagues out. Joanne played a pivotal role in the clinical design of the new Unity Centre.”

Joanne Sharp, community matron, Neighbourhood nursing service, Thurnscoe Health Centre
“Joanne is a community matron and delivers fantastic clinical care! She is also a systems leader in our neighbourhood nursing service and continues to provide effective leadership and management of the neighbourhood nursing teams in her area! She is a pleasure to work with!”

Joanne Smith, staff nurse, Community nursing, Thurnscoe Health Centre
“For being a great team player.”

Joanne Vodden, staff nurse, Athersley, Roundhouse
“An absolute asset to the NHS. Drive, passion and compassion and an absolute role model.”

Joanne White, team manager, intensive home based treatment team, Wakefield
“Joanne is hard working and a great advocate for her specialism (OP MH) She puts the patients/clients first and is an excellent role model.”

Jodie Wainwright, deputy ward manager, Priory 2
“Jodie is a very dedicated and exceptionally hard-working member of the team. No matter what task I ask her to undertake, she will always see it through to completion and always to a high standard. Her focus is always how to achieve the most positive outcomes for our service users.”

Johan Celliers, security manager, Facilities department, Fieldhead
“For his continued support and advice to me and the staff at Folly Hall and Laura Mitchell in ensuring our buildings are a safe place. Without his support over the years, my role would have been very hard indeed. He is very kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable as well as being understanding and caring. He is always there when needed and has supported us through some difficult situations. A big “thank you” Johan.”

John Chan, senior clinical practitioner, Priestley ward, Newton Lodge
“For always being a positive role model to me and for all your support. John always goes above and beyond in his job role to help others. He works incredibly hard with student nurses that have placements in the forensic service. John is very knowledgeable and experienced, he is a credit to the service!”

John Forster, senior staff nurse, Lyndhurst Hospital
“For being consistently great.”

John Horsfall, clinical team leader, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“For his unwavering support and approach to the development of our ward.” 

John Milne, Incident management support officer, Patient safety, Block 8, Fieldhead
“For always going above and beyond and carrying on as normal during difficult and challenging times.”

John Newsome, practice governance coach, The Dales
“John has a very gentle manner and calm approach. He is very approachable and helpful, drawing the best out of others. John is efficient and applies good attention to detail in his work.”

“Thanking him for his responsive and supportive approach in times of need. Thanking him for his positive attitude and assistance in getting things completed. And for not forgetting his dance moves! He is a superstar.”

John Tan-Jones, Bank admin, Folly Hall
“John is a huge asset to the Folly Hall Team, starting as a volunteer and now working on the Admin Bank, he is always willing to help others and is highly regarded by the team at Folly Hall. He is an excellent example of a dedicated member of the team at Folly Hall Mill.”

“John is a valuable asset to the Folly Hall Team, he started as a volunteer and is currently a member of the Bank Admin Staff, he is always willing to assist anybody with any jobs they need doing and has demonstrated his commitment to the trust by travelling from a great distance in the snow and ice to ensure he is here to support his colleagues and the service users at Folly Hall Mill. He is always on time and willing to stay beyond his contracted hours if needed, he was a great help during transformation and will even turn his hand to furniture removal or any task that is required of him!! He is an example to us all.”

John Sanderson, security adviser, estates, Kendray
“John is a hard worker and never grumbles no matter what comes his way, good or bad. On top of that he is always there if you need someone to talk to, work out problems and is a genuine kind hearted, lovely man. A pleasure to work with.”

Jonny Green, consultant, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“For never being afraid of making difficult decisions and supporting the ward staff.” 

Joseph Chinyama, Senior clinical practitioner, Hepworth ward, Newton Lodge
“Joseph is a role model, is kind, caring, and always goes the extra mile for others. He always has a calming influence on such a busy ward like Hepworth. He is an extremely hardworking member of staff not just for Hepworth but across Newton Lodge.”

Josie Brompton, domestic, Beechdale Ward
“On a ward, staff are often very busy and service-users can get missed out. Who is it who picks up on the folk who are needing to be heard at that moment, (not later on when staff have time) but now? Those who are needing reassurance or a kind word? It’s Josie who does this on Beechdale on a regular basis in addition to her domestic duties. She has a big compassionate heart does Josie and it’s great to be able to give her some recognition for this unsung work that she does every day of the week. Thank you, Josie, for going that extra mile with people and making the care given here that extra special because of what you do. Long may that continue.”

Jude Tipper, head of communications and involvement, Communications and involvement, Fieldhead
“Thank you for your ideas, honesty, guidance and recognition. You make being a great leader look easy!”

“Proud and honoured to know her.”

Judith Bagnall, support time and recovery worker, Calderdale
“Judith is a very caring and compassionate person. She is a great team colleague as she is so supportive and willing to be flexible to accommodate unforeseen demands. She will go out of her way to help and can be relied upon. Service users regularly tell me how much they value her and what a difference she makes to their lives.”

Judith Megson, team manager, CMHT OPS, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Judith Redgwick, pharmacy technician, Pharmacy, Kendray Hospital
“Stepping up to the mark and being enthusiastic about working at Fieldhead 1 day per week!”

“Judith has supported me to give excellent patient care. She has been organised, communicated really well and has a great relationship with service users, You’re a superstar!”

Judith Roberts, occupational therapy manager, Occupational therapy, The Dales
“For being a very caring person who was very supportive of me when I worked in a team with her. She’s inspiring how she’s achieved her dream job as a team leader.”

“She’s always friendly and welcoming. She makes everyone feel important and always has time. You never feel in the way or rushed.”

“Thanking her for her bubbly, positive demeanour and for her inclusive approach with service users. Nothing is too much trouble she is always willing to help.”

Julia Belton, staff grade, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated team player in super busy times despite what life throws at you! Thank you!”

Julia Musonza, staff nurse, Thornhill ward, Bretton Centre
“She is like a mother figure, she wants to see people do well as well. She is caring, compassionate, approachable. She is always there if we need anything.”

Julian Smith, healthcare support worker, Hepworth ward, Fieldhead
“They make the ward feel like a welcoming environment and a pleasure to work with.”

Julie Asquith, monitoring and contracts manager, facilities, Kendray
“Julie is engaging, responsive, ready to listen and always helps – no matter what the situation. Thank you for all the assistance and advice that you have given during the years.”

Julie Barraclough, catering, Fieldhead canteen
“In previous jobs, lunch and time away from the desk didn’t seem important but it’s different here and that is thanks to Julie and the brilliant staff at the restaurant at Fieldhead and the Oasis Café.     My colleagues and I really look forward to our lunches and the laughs we have with the staff. Every day we are met with big smiles, good humour and delicious home cooked food – no matter how you are feeling or what’s happening in the office, the staff put a smile on your face within seconds of you arriving.     They are a superb bunch of staff and they are a credit to the organisation.”

“Thanks, Julie for making the canteen a great place to visit. Your laughter and enthusiasm nourish the soul.”

Julie Bassendale, community matron, Neighbourhood nursing service, Oaks Park Medical Centre
“Julie is a community matron and delivers fantastic clinical care! She is also a systems leader in our neighbourhood nursing service and continues to provide effective leadership and management of the neighbourhood nursing teams in her area! She is enthusiastic and supportive and a pleasure to work with!”

Julie Bennett, carer support officer, Pathways, Kirklees
“Julie does an amazing job every single day supporting the families and friends of people who use our services. She is compassionate and warm, has tonnes of knowledge and experience and I truly believe she has improved the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of families. I have learned so much from her over the years and am proud to call her my colleague!”

Julie Bowser, hospital inpatient services manager, Barnsley
“Thank you, Julie, for your friendship and support over the last 40 odd years – too many to count. We have worked through many trouble times but you have been my rock and my best friend forever. You are the superglue and my superstar.”

Julie Dean, team secretary, Kirklees outreach team, Folly Hall
“Julie is very friendly, organised, efficient and is always more than happy to help. She is a star – myself and the rest of the team would be lost without her!”

Julie Eskins, assistant director of patient safety, Patient safety, Fieldhead
“Julie’s knowledge, dedication and commitment to the team and her role has been inspiring. She is hands-on and goes over and above to make sure the job gets done. I really appreciate the help and support given to me and have found it inspiring/refreshing to have a manager who leads by example. She always makes time for you no matter how big or small the problem! Thank you for all of your help, Julie.”

“Thank you for always having time to listen, help and support staff. This is much appreciated.”

Julie Goldthorpe, clerical officer, Intensive Home Based Treatment, Oakwell Centre, Kendray, Barnsley
“For hard work and dedication to the Intensive Home Based Treatment Team.”

Julie Hickling, medical directorate business manager, Fieldhead
“Being understanding, flexible, helpful, approachable and keeping us all well informed. She is so lovely and an absolute joy to work for.”

Julie Hudson, senior physiotherapist, Children’s therapy team, Kendray Hospital
“Julie is amazing! She’s such a pleasure to work with. She is such a friendly, and supportive member of the team. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she is such a positive role model. I always look forward to, and enjoy, working with Julie.”

Julie Keeling, staff nurse, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“Managing the ward safely when the ward was coping with high acuity levels and low staff levels. Ensuring all staff were safe and all patients were provided with continuously high levels of care.”

Julie Kirk, pharmacy assistant, pharmacy, Wakefield
“I would like to thank Julie for her patience and much valued help while I have been learning in the Wakefield Dispensary. Her knowledge has been invaluable to me.”

Julie Mellor, support worker, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated team player in super busy times despite what life throws at you! Thank you!”

Julie Metcalf, volunteer and workplace development worker, early intervention in psychosis team, Laura Mitchell Health Wellbeing Centre
“Julie has gone above and beyond for the service users on the EIP caseload and she has promoted the EIP service. She has single-handedly developed the role of supporting service users goals and aspirations for employment education and training, obtaining a high success rate for placements. Julie has to lead the development of social inclusion groups within the team and made several successful applications for funding to enable service users to engage in these activities. She is an advocate of sustainability and as a result, these groups have been well attended and have kept going for several years ( football, climbing, arts and crafts). Julie works in partnership with Creative Minds and encouraged a lot of inter-team activities. She has championed the commitment of our volunteers and put these people forward for Excellence awards ( coming 1st and runner-up 3 consecutive years). Julie has supported the development of our volunteers and we currently have 6-8 in our workforce. She also has leadership skills, evidenced by the supervisory role she has with the support workers in the team and the volunteers, ensuring all relevant training and development opportunities are attained.”

“All her hard work and dedication to the team and clients we have. It felt good to be able to nominate her.”

“She very much goes above and beyond her role, she appears very proactive towards service development and funding, is happy to support others in the team, and personally supervises me and is very encouraging and inspiring.”

“Julie is brilliant at her job, she effectively supports clients to get back to employment, training or studying which has helped to empower many people.”

“Developing the vocational service within the team. Making good links with other services. Working in a person-centred, recovery focused and dynamic way.”

Julie Rivers, CPN, Kirklees insight team, Folly Hall
“Thank you for being such an incredible mentor to me in my first years as a CPN. You are such an asset to our team and I really value your perspective and experience. You are a fantastic CPN and a great friend.”

“Julie is dedicated to her job and very experienced with working with people having a first episode of psychosis. Her experience has helped me to learn how best to work in this area over the last 18 months. She always gives 100% to her work with service users and has a genuine warmth and care for people. This helps them feel truly supported. This makes me feel motivated and inspires me to want to do my job as best as I can. She doesn’t let things slip and is always ready with a timely and helpful response to her clients. I feel grateful for such a strong and dependable colleague.”

Julie Smith, healthcare assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For always providing high standards of compassionate care, striving for high standards, covering shifts and providing delicious snacks to boost morale!”

Julie Spencer, Memory nurse, Kirklees memory service
“For all your hard work and commitment supporting the team in meeting its goals. Thank you.”

Julie Sunley, CPN, Community mental health team older people’s service, Beckside Court
“Julie is one of the most hardworking dedicated nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is compassionate and caring and always strives to provide the best care that she can for her patients. She is a well-respected member of the team and goes out of her way to help others. “

“For going above and beyond in her job role, she is so lovely with her clients and always has a smile on her face. She is extremely supportive to her colleagues and is a brilliant team player. She keeps moral high and never lets anyone down.”

Julie Tart, secretary to consultant psychiatrist, Conference centre, Kendray Hospital
“Julie is a star! She does way above what she should do in her role and is a trustworthy, reliable and conscientious person. She juggles so many tasks, roles and responsibilities and, as a community mental health team, we would struggle to function effectively without her. One important job she does is coordinating the shared care medication process for our clients and ensures that we as practitioners adhere to this. She is not frightened to ‘tell us off’ if we do not follow this vitally important process and ‘reminds’ us of our responsibilities! Julie definitely deserves recognition for the brilliant work she does and is our NHS70 Superstar!”

“Julie is always cheerful and helpful. She has an excellent telephone manner with clients and carers, dealing with their calls respectfully and efficiently. As a colleague, she is always able to offer wise advice and is a joy to have around. Thanks Julie.”

Julie Wainwright, Secretary, Beckside Court, Batley
“For always being so supportive to colleagues and team members and for all her hard work and effort in her job role.”

Hardworking, loyal, trustworthy and just being there when needed as a friend.”

Julie Warren-Sykes, assistant director of nursing and quality, Safeguarding team, Fieldhead
“Organising a fantastic safeguarding conference. Proud to be part of a very successful event and in awe of her bravery and passion.”

Julie Williams, assistant speech and language therapist, Neurological rehabilitation unit
“For the hard work she puts into her job, especially the aphasia cafe at Christmas when she organised the meal and proceedings and helped run the event which was a great success.”

Julie Whitehead, healthcare assistant, Community nursing, Goldthorpe Centre
“For being a good team player.”

June Jowett Durkin, IAPT secretary, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“For her dedication and reliability. I am proud to have her on our team.”

June Reid-Anderson, healthcare assistant, Johnson Ward, Newton Lodge
“For always putting the needs of others before herself and demonstrating a positive commitment to delivering high-quality care.”

“June is a valuable member of the nursing team and always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is a genuinely kind and caring individual who always gives everything. A real pleasure to work with.”

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