Covid Heroes: F

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with F:

Faye Byrne, palliative care coordinator (supportive care at home)

“Faye has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic ensuring that our service runs smoothly and that the needs of our service users is being met. This has meant having to change her working pattern at the last minute to go on a night shift to ensure our most vulnerable patients received the care that they need. Adapting the way in which we work to ensure that all member of our operational team have access to the information that they even if they have to isolate at the last minute.

“Faye has strived to ensure that our service maintains the standards of care the our users have come to expect during the most hardest and emotional times of their lives.”

Fe Hornby, admin officer

“Where do I start with Fe’s contribution to the Trust pandemic response? Fe, (a bank member of staff) played a vital role in the setting up and running of the Fieldhead Vaccination Hub. Greeting staff attending for their vaccine, instantly putting people at ease and helping the clinics run smoothly! Then entering data onto systems after clinics had closed. Fe then moved on to work with us on the roll-out of the Trust lateral flow testing, from sending out the kits to pulling reports together. She is still very much part of the current pandemic response and quite frankly I don’t know how the Team and I would manage without her.

“Thank you, Fe!”

Finty O’Brien, CBT therapist in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic delivering face to face interventions and maintaining frontline services.”

Fiona Senior, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Fiona Sharp, strategic health facilitator

“Hi am Catherine, I have a learning disability and volunteer with Fiona Sharp.

“Since Covid started last year Fiona has been my Covid Hero, she helped me to use Microsoft Teams. Fiona has been supplying me with some work to do as I like to keep busy, so this has helped me trough lockdown. Also Fiona has come to see me when allowed which has meant a lot to me.

“Fiona is a lovely kind caring person and since Covid she has been the person who has helped me to overcome this and kept me very busy indeed. So, I would like to nominate Fiona as my Covid hero to say a thank you for getting me through this hard time through lockdown and covid I really appreciate it so much.”

Frances Cameron, community occupational therapist

“For her commitment to service users and the services throughout the pandemic.”

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