NHS 70 superstars: R

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with R:

Rachel Dunn, recovery college lead, Kirklees Recovery College
“Rachel is a joy to work with. She always has a smile on her face and is so welcoming to everyone who comes to the Recovery College. I receive so many positive comments about her attitude and the values she lives by from learners, volunteers and staff. Rachel is organised, conscientious and hard working – but she always has time for others with small acts of kindness from remembering birthdays, sharing food or being a listening ear.”

Rachel Goodyear, staff nurse, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“For being sensitive, caring and compassionate.”

Rachel Harvey, housekeeper, Clark ward, Kendray, Barnsley
“Rachel has been a housekeeper for many years in Barnsley and has always gone beyond her duties in this role. She has always gone out of her way at times such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorating the ward areas, all of this in her own time. She has now settled into her new role and continues to go beyond the call of duty to put service users first. She has transferred her skills from the housekeeping role and implemented them within her new role. Well done and a big thank you.”

Rachael Booker, health centre coordinator, Thurnscoe LIFT centre
“Rachael is one of the nicest, kindest people we have met. Nothing is too much trouble for Rachael and she will always go the extra mile to help anyone. Rachael has a fantastic attitude to her work, and deals with a wide range of people and problems on a daily basis, with the utmost professionalism and a smile on her face. Rachael really does need to be recognised for all she does for the Thurnscoe/Goldthorpe District nursing team. Rachael is definitely our NHS superstar.”

Rachael Kimaru, pharmacist, Pharmacy department, Kendray Hospital
“Rachael is relatively new to the Trust but has made a supreme effort to get in on the terrible snow days.”

“Rachael has only been with the pharmacy team a few months but in that time she has impressed us all with her commitment, knowledge and willingness to work hard wherever she’s needed across the service, including taking on extra duties. She’s a real NHS star!”

Rachael Thorp, counselling psychologist, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being such a positive presence and a team player in the psychology team, through what has been a difficult few years.”

Rachel Clegg, administration manager, Calderdale and Kirklees CAMHS, Folly Hall
“Thank you for all her efforts in getting our caseloads accurate, for always agreeing to do extra tasks without complaining despite having a very demanding job. She helps to keep the service going forward in challenging times.”

Rachel Elms, healthcare support worker, Horizon Centre, Fieldhead
“For making the ward a happy place. Rachel has always got a smile on her face to cheer both staff and service users up.”

“Rachel is such a warm and friendly person, who finds nothing too much trouble. She made me feel so welcome when I started my new job and there’s never a dull moment when she’s around!”

Rachel Lukoczki, mental health liaison practitioner, mental health liaison team, The Dales
“In some challenging positions, she works tirelessly to bring about the best outcome for her clients. I have learnt a lot from Rachel, especially how to give empathy when faced with a challenging situation.”

“Rachel makes a challenging shift look like child’s play with her calm approach, organisational skills and triage of risk. She is able to support others across sites when her own shift is really challenging also.”

Rachel Moser, research and development manager, Research and development, Fieldhead
“Rachel is a brilliant manager! She brings the best of both worlds to her role – she is available to give support and advice whenever it is needed but she allows everyone in her team to do his or her job without micromanaging. She respects everyone’s individual skills and experience but also enables and encourages learning where it’s needed. She also provides opportunities and support to others outside the team. The research team wouldn’t be in a good position it is without her direction and leadership and, indeed, she has made a positive contribution to our Trust. She’s worked tirelessly in developing the team, increasing our funding and sustaining the future income of the department. Without the foundations of Rachel’s skill and expertise, we wouldn’t have recruited people to the team who have a shared value base in line with the Trust’s values and a passion to deliver quality research to service users, their carers and staff, with the ultimate aim of improving treatment and services. Rachel’s leadership and trust in her staff have led to a positive working culture within the team and created a consistent workflow. The team environment and ethos which Rachel has helped to foster have been key factors in our current and ongoing success.” 

Rachel Sykes, manager, mental health liaison team, The Dales
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Raghu Vutla, consultant psychiatrist, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Dr Vutla ensured that the patient’s voice was heard in ward round. He also involved the patient’s carer, by phoning her and putting her on speaker phone, so that she could take part in the discussion even though she could not be there in person. He showed understanding and empathy and I felt he demonstrated that he cared. The patient later told me how much he appreciated this.”

Rajiv Khushu, staff grade, Kirklees AWA, Folly Hall
“Dr Khushu is a great addition to our team and although only with us for a short time he has been a great support throughout the changes that have taken place in the service in the last 14 months. Thank you for all your help.”

Rakesh Pulpa, locum consultant, OPS/CHLT, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Dr Pulpa is the kindest, caring person and outstanding consultant. He works over and above his contract hours. He shares his knowledge with the teams he works with.” 

“Dr Pulpa is extremely hard working. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always willing to help his colleagues. He is extremely knowledgeable and we are lucky to have him in our service.”

“Dr Pulpa is dedicated and extremely hard-working, striving for the best care and treatment for patients and families. Always goes the extra mile for his patients and always treats his staff with respect.”

“Dr Rakesh Pulpa is a caring, reliable and knowledgeable practitioner who demonstrates confidence in his clinical abilities. Dr Pulpa is always kind and considerate when engaging with his patients, their families and carers. He is admirably sensible, realistic and unpretentious. He is an integral part of our team and is very well respected by those who know and work with him.”  

Ranjan Basu, consultant psychiatrist, CMHT, Folly Hall
“His guidance and support throughout the transformation process and beyond, always ready to answer queries and support to staff and taking the time out to check that staff were coping under the stress and strain of implementing many changes.” 

Rashida Bibi, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Rashida knows her job and does it so well! Rashida has always supported me on my nights with her and I know she does the same with other nurses. Rashida works so well and is a key staff member on the ward. Rashida works so hard all the time. Rashida is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to shifts with her.”

Rebecca Gledhill, CPN, early intervention in psychosis team, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Rebecca is an excellent nurse, she has a great relationship with all of her SU and their families and works tirelessly every day. Her happy personality shines through and puts a smile on your face.”

Rebecca Haisler, staff nurse, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Becky always works her socks off on the ward! She is the newest member of the team and has fitted in so well and is an amazing staff nurse! Her work ethic is great and she makes a shift a pleasure when working with her.”

Rebecca Oates, clinic clerk (communications), health records administration team, Mapplewell Health Centre
“Becci is a work colleague always full of sunshine. She lights up the room when she enters, even on a Monday morning. We spend most of our daily life with our co-workers and having a friend like Becci in an office which, can be at times very busy and stressful is a much-needed injection of positive energy. Your attitude is an inspiration Becci to us all in NNS. I listen to your caring approach with patients on the phone and you always go the extra mile to make sure that the relative’s and carers are supported just as much as the patients. You really understand how tough it can be for these relatives caring for patients. In a job where we hear the same worries and sadness you never forget to go that extra mile to listen and support. Your presence in the office brings a joyful environment. You also make lovely buns. Thank you for being an awesome co-worker.”

Rebecca Joyce, mental health liaison practitioner, Mental health liaison team, The Dales
“Becky is very knowledgeable and is always willing to offer support and guidance regardless of the tasks she has at hand. She is always thinking of others within the team and is extremely patient centred.”

Rebecca Lund, mental health practitioner, Core mental health team, Lundwood Health Centre
“Helping to raise and maintain positivity within the team. For always putting a smile on people’s faces.”

“Rebecca is a fantastic co worker and team member, she is one of the nicest passionate people I know. She always makes you feel good and is supportive. She has instigated lots of team wellbeing activities from cake at the weekly meeting, team bring and shares and taking a lead on reflective practice. She is always positive and hard working, having something good to say about everyone. She is always enthusiastic and diligent in her work. She takes on a lot of extras without thanks and works hard for the team and her clients. She is so deserving of a thank you and acknowledgment for her work and unending support and enthusiasm for the team.” 

“For always being positive. She’s our little ray of sunshine.”

Rebecca Stainforth, community staff nurse, Chapelfield Medical Centre
“Becky is a newly qualified staff nurse. She is committed and enthusiastic, compassionate and caring. She reminds me why I chose to nurse as a career.”

Rebecca Thompson, speech and language therapist, Kirklees community learning disabilities, Fox View Hub
“Rebecca is always positive, bright and helpful. She is excellent with our patients and always goes above and beyond to meet their needs, she is not afraid of a challenge and thrives in all circumstances. Rebecca is an asset to our team and always brings sunshine into the office!”

Rebecca Whelan, staff nurse, Memory service, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Rebecca is a supportive member of the memory team and is willing to be flexible to accommodate unforeseen demands. Rebecca will do what she can to help and support her patients, their families and her colleagues.” 

Rehana Sattar, senior psychological wellbeing practitioner, IAPT, Folly Hall
“Thank you for supporting me both emotionally and as a mentor. This made a huge difference as I was able to learn so much from you about the work I do and also enabled me to feel less stressed at work. My job would have been a lot harder without you!”

Richard Coaten, dance and movement therapist, The Dales
“Richard is a real breath of fresh air. He is such that the whole room lights up when he enters it. You cannot help to be inspired by his infectious enthusiasm for life. Richard has helped me on a personal level, encouraging and supporting me to achieve a better standing for my own career. He only wants the best for everyone that he meets. Some people only like to water their own garden, Richard likes to share the water for everyone to benefit. Thank you, Richard, please do not ever change.” 

Richard Norman, change governance manager, Integrated change team, Fieldhead
“Richard is professional, intelligent and approachable. He’s always ready to talk through ideas and bring his expertise to the table to help both theoretically and practically.”

Richard Norris, support, time and recovery worker, Calderdale Home Treatment Team
“Always a positive influence on the team and being creative to find ways to support patients.”

Richard Pascoe, systems manager, Human resources, Fieldhead
“Richard is always happy to help with any query I can think of, and always responds really quickly – he’s a pleasure to deal with!”

“Our team is introducing e-rostering and Richard couldn’t be more helpful in making what seems like a daunting task easy. He responds quickly to emails and has been most helpful. Thank you, Richard!”

“For always being at the end of the phone for all my e-rostering needs! Always cheering me up and making me smile when the e-roster collapses around me!”

Richard Shaw, team manager, Kirklees CAMHS, Folly Hall
“For giving me space and freedom to develop professionally and trusting that “I’ll do a good job”.”

“Thank you for his continued support to moving the service forward and ensuring it goes from strength to strength. His commitment to wanting the best service for our young people and also ensuring the staff feel supported at all times.”

Richard Watterston, physiotherapist, Folly Hall, Kirklees
“Richard is brilliant. He is patient, listens and is so helpful to patients and staff alike. He is the font of all knowledge. It is a pleasure working with him.”

Rob Adamson, deputy director of finance, Finance, Fieldhead
“I’d like to thank Rob for being a great boss. He makes time for everybody, is very supportive and is really good to work with. I don’t think he realises how much we all appreciate that.” 

Rob Stanton, counsellor, occupational health, Kendray Hospital
“For being truly amazing at his job, properly engaging and hearing what was being said, not just listening. He made me feel so empowered and confident in my beliefs and values. I am sure the future is great.”

Rob Webster, chief executive, Trustwide
“For continuing to support the values of the Trust and reinforcing these values and behaviours in everyday communication.”

“Rob is a down to earth guy who I believe genuinely cares about staff and patient well-being and the care that is provided. He keeps himself well informed about innovations and developments that are taking place throughout the Trust, whether it’s a poem, recruitment or an activity he’s interested in. This includes speaking to frontline staff on the wards, the volunteers’ service and more. He knows people’s names and if he doesn’t he asks. He’s always got time for those that have questions or who simply want a chat. It’s refreshing to feel that you can walk past the CEO and say “hi” without feeling you can’t because he’s the chief. He’s always on the go and provides honest feedback about the Trust, both positive and constructive. He doesn’t just talk about the Trust values, he lives by them.”

“I want to thank Rob for always supporting and believing in patients/service users and their valuable insight into the illness and what they can bring to the Trust. He is always willing to listen and take on board what is being said and done, even if it is not always pleasant to hear. He is always fair and open.”

Robert Doyle, healthcare assistant, Enfield Down
“For their hard work and support of colleagues.”

Rosa Llewellyn, acting ward manager, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“For her consistent approach and support; contributing to the smooth running of our ward. For her positive approach to challenges and helpful, caring attitude towards others.”

Rosanna Ward, housekeeper, Fieldhead
“Rosie was an amazing healthcare assistant for many years until she retired from older people’s services a few years ago to spend more time with her family. Rosie came back to the bank and now cleans a few hours a week. I love to see her- always smiling and truly diligent in everything she does. Thanks for being so caring and dedicated.”

“Rosanna is a breath of fresh air, always offering a smile at the end of a long day as hers begins. She is dedicated, helpful, and often goes the extra mile. She lights up the block with her compassionate and caring nature and we miss her when she isn’t around! Thanks, Rosanna for always making me smile.”

Rosena Pagoda, bank nursing assistant, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“I want to thank Rosena for always being kind and polite with service users. She is a team player all the time.”

Ruth Dillon, healthcare assistant, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“She always puts a smile on my face and is a pleasure to work with. She is the Elmdale Queen and is fab with the patients!”

Ruth Donoghue, community service manager, Community services, Kendray Hospital
“Ruth is 100% dedicated to her role, no job is too big or too small for her to tackle. So is a warm, kind-hearted caring person who’s smile and bubbly sense of humour is always welcoming. Ruth is the most supportive manager I have worked for and understands the stresses of the role and also challenges faced on a daily basis and is always there to give a helping hand, guidance and support. She is 100% an NHS superstar.”

“Thank you for all your support, giving me the confidence and encouragement to be the best I can be. You are a brilliant manager who is always approachable and understanding.”

“Thank you for being the best boss ever. You have been a fantastic mentor and support to me and my team. You have given me the freedom to manage my team and have given me guidance and support when I have needed it. My role is changing as I am stepping down from manager, so I have a new phase in my career, you have been my inspiration. Thank you. You are a true superstar.”

Ruth Lister, senior pharmacist, Pharmacy department, Kendray Hospital
“Supreme effort getting in on snow days.”

“Ruth is completely committed to ensuring patients get the very best care. She works tirelessly to ensure this happens, often outside her normal working hours. She is a shining example of what makes the NHS wonderful!”

Ruth Smith, ward sister, Melton suite, Oakwell Centre, Kendray Hospital
“As a newly appointed ward sister on Melton Suite, Ruth has brightened up the team with new ideas and fresh ways of working. Ruth is enthusiastic, compassionate and ensures that service users are at the heart of all decisions. Ruth is a team player and always goes the extra mile to help out her colleagues. Thank you!”

Ryan Mctiernan, healthcare support worker, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Always goes above and beyond his job role. He’s an inspiration to the team.”

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