NHS 70 superstars: P

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with P:

Paige Barnes, healthcare assistant, PICU, Oakwell centre, Kendray, Barnsley
“Paige is a valuable member of the team. She is young, bubbly and chatty but PICU wouldn’t be the same without her. She is eager to meet service user’s needs and Paige goes out her way to make the shift as positive as possible. It’s a pleasure to work alongside her.”

Pam Knowlson, support worker, Hospital at Home
“Pam works hard daily visiting many vulnerable people making a difference by encouraging and facilitating a return to independence. I am grateful for her energy and commitment. A true team player.”

Pat Young, senior planning manager, Capital projects and estates planning, Fieldhead
“Pat is a very knowledgeable person and works really hard on her projects. Added to that she is very approachable and warm. This enables her to be supportive and helpful to everyone whether that is services, partner organisations, service users or carers.”

Paul Andrews, healthcare assistant, Newton Lodge
“Paul is always so happy and so very helpful. The Trust needs more “Pauls”!”

Paul Barker, senior CPN, Enhanced mental health team, Lundwood Health Centre
“I would like to thank Paul for being a great mentor, supervisor and friend over the past ten years. He has provided me, and the teams he has worked in, guidance and support and has boosted moral often when there was none. This ought to be recognised in these hard times. He has often lifted hope and spirits and kept things moving along, I feel humble in his presence.”

Paul Cartwright, communications and marketing manager, Communications and involvement, Fieldhead
“For being a great line manager, always encouraging and offering great support to his members of staff. Paul remains calm and composed, even in the most stressful times which creates the best atmosphere in the office!”

“Paul is a joy to work with and is a superb manager; always putting others first whilst still driving quality. I’ve never heard anyone have a bad thing to say about him; he’s likeable, dependable and pragmatic. He inspires confidence with his wise counsel and goes out of his way to help others. A genuine, thoughtful leader with a brilliant sense of humour and oodles of sass!”

“Paul is constantly helpful, flexible and supportive. Without Paul, our safeguarding conference would not have been the success it was.”

“Helping to organise a safeguarding conference and ensuring that the event was professional and well organised. Proud to be part of a very successful event.”

Paul Coughlin, CPN, CMHT, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being supportive to the team and a flexible and reliable member of staff whom staff trust and rely on to support them and he delivers an excellent service to some of the most challenging service users we have.”

“Going far and beyond his job role.”

Paul Dews, art and music practitioner, OT LD, Newhaven unit
“Paul is fantastic at gently building people’s confidence and engaging them in activities they would never think possible.”

Paul Harrison, senior community nurse, Wakefield adult community learning disability health team, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being an inspiration to the team as the team’s nutrition and fitness guru.”

Paul Hughes, acting service development manager, long-term conditions service, Kendray Hospital
“Paul is an absolute star! He excels in his new role and always pays attention to the finest detail. He is an asset to have on my team and I would like to give him the recognition he deserves as he doesn’t appreciate his own worth!”

“For being supportive, non-judgemental, understanding and listening to me even when I moan.”

Paul McLaughlin, occupational therapy professional lead, Intermediate care, Kendray Hospital
“Paul has worked extremely hard for a number of years without ever asking for or expecting any praise for himself. He always puts his team before him, occasionally at personal expense. Paul is calm, encouraging and has a wonderful manner with both staff, patients and their families. He is a credit to the service and I am proud to be able to work with him.”

Paul Sullivan, learning and development facilitator, Learning and development, Fieldhead
“Paul always runs training sessions that are enthusiastic, engaging, inspiring, and keeps even the driest topics lively.”

Paula Chilcott, clinical nurse specialist, assessment and learning disability services, The Resource Unit
“Always willing to listen – will visit at short notice.”

“Development of nurse led clinics for people with learning disabilities.”

Paula Deegan, clinical nurse specialist, Wakefield CAMHS, Airedale Health Centre, Wakefield
“For taking the challenge of becoming our clinical lead role for our team. She has stepped up to the plate and is doing a great job supporting the wider team.”

Paula Rylatt, innovation development manager, Health intelligence and innovation, Fieldhead
“Paula is a positive entity and absolutely deserves recognition for all the hard work she does. She is encouraging of all people no matter where they are from or what they do (patient, staff, volunteer etc). She supports people in their endeavours and does this with enthusiasm. Paula works so hard 24/7. Her 9-5 job isn’t at all 9-5, it’s 24/7, she is so committed to helping improve lives. She’s a true inspiration and how pleased am I to have met her.”

“Paula is such a breath of fresh air. She always empowers people to be the best they can be. She always has a smile on her face and her smile is infectious. She puts 100% into everything she does, but still manages to help and support those around her. She is such a positive light and influence it’s hard not to feel great whilst in her presence. Thank you, Paula, for always believing in me and making me be a better version of me, plus helping me want to achieve bigger and better. The best mentor anyone could ask for.”

“Paula is an incredibly creative and passionate person, she is a gem in our organisation and is always happy to help develop ideas.”

Pete Bermingham, technician, Pharmacy, Block 6, Fieldhead
“He is helpful, polite and considerate. Nothing is too much trouble. A wonderful person to work with.”

“Pete is a vital member of the pharmacy team. No matter how much he has on Pete always finds the time to answer any queries or challenges I may present him with and does it with a smile on his face. I particularly value Pete’s direct approach and the way he always gives a straight answer or quickly points you in the direction of the person with the expertise you’re looking for.”

“Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to take on new roles in support of your team. Your support for the whole team is really appreciated.”

Peter Phiri, deputy ward manager, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Since starting on Stanley Ward, Peter has made an excellent impression on the nursing team. He is extremely supportive and proactive to clinical care. Peter is willing to share his years of clinical experience and knowledge with junior colleagues and is remarkable at supervising colleagues through difficult times on the ward. Peter has demonstrated that he is able to undertake the acting ward manager role with ease and is driven to support staff in the daily role. I have found Peter extremely supportive and he proves willing to back his staff team through difficult challenges and in the process of making clinical decisions. Thank you very much for all you do Peter!”

“Peter is great for team morale! He is well-balanced, principled and caring. He is service user focused and is approachable and friendly.”

“Peter is an awesome nurse, he is caring and an awesome team player! He’s really supportive towards his team. Peter makes everyone smile with his dance moves!”

Peter Venters, staff nurse, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Peter has fought his own personal challenges over the last two years and has come back to work twice as strong and more supportive and enthusiastic than ever. Thank you for all your hard work, Peter!”

Phil Adamson, senior buyer, Procurement, Fieldhead
“They are always helpful – even when it’s my third (or tenth) query of the day. He never makes me feel like I am inconveniencing him but answers my questions quickly. I always know I can ask a question without feeling like I’m asking too much. Thank you!”

“Always goes above and beyond to help no matter how busy they are.”

“Phil is always really helpful no matter what silly question I’m asking or how many questions I need to ask!”

“For doing an amazing job, always ready to lend a hand. Nothing is too much trouble. Phil always ends his emails by saying if I can help don’t hesitate to get in touch and he genuinely means it. He is such a pleasant guy and will always go that extra mile. Thanks, Phil!”

“Phil always tries to solve problems for our team and helps us out.”

“Phil is always so helpful and patient, even when I know I am pestering him a lot. He never makes me feel silly or stupid when I am asking him lots of questions or have queries. It is a pleasure dealing with him and I never hesitate to contact him.”

“Philip is always so helpful and really seems to know his job! He is polite and friendly, and always happy to help. He responds so quickly and always gets the job done, and brilliantly too!”

“Phil is always willing to help, and responds quickly and cheerfully to requests.”

Phil Walters, Creative Minds strategic lead, Pathways
“Phil has built Creative Minds from scratch with others in the organisation these past 4/5 years. Yes, it has been a team effort, however, someone has to hold the vision, a group of disparate staff and partners are not able to do that. He has to see opportunities where they lie outside of the organisation, recognise their importance and where there is a good fit for them. Phil sees beyond the organisational horizon, sees it within a wider context and at this terribly difficult time where there is worry about job security, diminished budgets in every area, it is easy to keep an organisational focus (internal) thinking problems are best solved that way. They are not. Indeed there has never been a greater need for organisations in healthcare, social welfare, education, local government and the arts to pool their resources and work together in partnership – looking outward and working in partnership is now the future. All this time Phil has worked with financial insecurity, how much will finance be able to release for the work, in-spite of national recognition (HSJ awards) and international interest. This has taken great effort on his part to roll with the punches – two steps forward and one back has been the way pretty much, and he still is doing brilliantly to hang in there, where others might have given up at the weight of organisational bureaucracy bearing down on him and Creative Minds. This recognises all the great work this remarkable, dedicated and passionate man has done in developing from nothing an award-winning project that demonstrates nationally that this Trust is at the forefront of change in the NHS. Well done Phil, and I am really pleased that I have had this opportunity to say out loud your unsung achievement these past years, it makes me feel good.”

Phil McEnery, staff nurse, Stanley Ward, Fieldhead
“His approach is kind, caring and compassionate. If I or my family was poorly I would want someone like Phil to care for me/family. He will always listen and acknowledge what you have to say.”

“Phil has fought his own personal challenges over the last year and has come back to work twice as strong and more supportive than ever. Thank you for all your hard work, Phil! From all on Stanley!”

“You are such a role model to staff and service users alike. You are committed, professional and totally caring. I would feel totally happy for one of my loved ones to be cared for you by you. Thank you.”

Philippa Bland, community psychiatric nurse, CMHT, Folly Hall
“Philippa is an extremely supportive colleague and is highly regarded by the team, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and appreciates the staff who support her and enable her to do her job efficiently and effectively.”

“Philippa has been a huge support throughout the transformation process, always willing to help with contacting patients and providing advice when dealing with challenging service users. She shows great compassion and concern for the service users and also her colleagues and has alleviated many stressful situations in the last 12 months. She has a wealth of knowledge and is someone who truly supports the work that we do.”

Philippa Morris, staff nurse, District nursing, Goldthorpe Health Centre
“Philippa is always helpful and is a credit to the service. She works very hard to give fantastic patient care and is a great staff nurse.”

Dr Prem Kumar, Rapid access service, Wakefield
“He is the consultant for our team. He is always there for support and will spend time listening to what we have to say. He values our opinions and will offer us an education about medications, ill health and approaches to care. He offers valuable time to clients and allows them the time they require. He is very thorough and committed to his work.”

Dr Purvesh Madhani, consultant forensic psychiatrist, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“For listening to staff and involving the whole team in decision making.”

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