Annual report and accounts

We are legally obliged to produce an annual report which includes statutory information such as the Trust’s financial activities, management costs, performance targets and strategic direction.

As always, the Trust welcomes your comments and would love to hear what you think of our annual report. We hope you find it interesting but if you think it could be improved, please let us know.


You can read our latest annual report and accounts for 2022/23.


You can read our 2021/22 annual report and accounts.


You can read our 2020/21 annual report and accounts.

Quality accounts

The Trusts quality account is prepared in line with the requirements of the NHS Act 2009, regulations of the Health and Social Care Bill 2012 and NHS Improvement, the independent regulator of foundation trusts.

The Board of directors reviews the quality account each year and to the best of their knowledge, they confirm that the information contained in these reports is an accurate account of the Trusts performance and represents a balanced view of the quality of services provided by the Trust.

Quality account 2022/23

You can read our latest quality account.

You can also read a summary progress update here.

Quality account 2021/22

You can read our 2021/22 quality account.

Quality account 2020/21

You can read our 2020/21 quality account.

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