You told us, we listened

The purpose of ‘you told us, we listened’ is to provide an account of all the feedback the Trust has received at quarterly intervals. The Trust receives insight from various sources which include:

  •  Governors
  • Involvement activity both internal and external
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Healthwatch

To support this approach the engagement and equality team for the Trust have set up a dedicated inbox where insight can be shared.  Contributions are headed ‘INSIGHT’ and by working this way it allows for a range of insight both formal and informal to be captured in one place and reported.   Quarterly reports are provided in the timescale set out below:

Quarter Reporting period
Q1 March to May
Q2 June to August
Q3 September to November
Q4 December to February

Each report is shared initially with our Executive Management Team (EMT) and our Equality Inclusion and Involvement (EI&I) Sub Committee before being taken as a paper to the Equality Inclusion and Involvement (EI&I) Committee.

In parallel, the report is also shared with the Trust Members Council Coordination Group so members can view and discuss the report.

The Trust also gathers feedback from service users, friends, family and carers about their experience of Trust services in the Friends and Family Test. Please see Friends and Family Test for more information.

What we've achieved so far