Time in hospital

Spending time in hospital can be very daunting for both service users and their carers.

In this section, we feature information that we think will be useful and make your stay or that of your loved one more comfortable. For detailed information or any queries, please speak with any member of staff from the service or contact our customer services team who will be happy to help.

What to bring

Among the things people may need in hospital, these are the essentials:

  • Toiletries (please hand razors to nursing staff)
  • Day and night clothes
  • Any medication (please hand this to nursing staff)
  • Change for the pay phone and vending machines
  • Benefit books or bills that may need attention while in hospital

It’s a good idea to avoid bringing expensive clothing or jewellery, large amounts of money or expensive electrical equipment (such as TVs or computers).

Banned and controlled items

There are some items, such as alcohol, drugs and weapons that are banned. There are also some items that are controlled, which means they are only allowed under staff supervision, these include scissors, lighters, radios and CD players. For a full list of banned and controlled items ask any member of staff on the unit you or your loved one is staying at.

Treatment and care

Service users will have access to a variety of treatments whilst in hospital. These will be discussed with the individual and sometimes the carer.  Care could be made up of a combination of treatments, including medication, occupational therapy, talking therapies and ward-based activities.

A group of different health and social care professionals will work together to provide care for you, your relative or friend – this is sometimes known as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’. The team includes consultants, nurses, therapists and other health and social care professionals. All staff should be wearing name badges at all times. If you cannot see their name badge, you have a right to ask to see it.

One nurse, known as the primary nurse, will be the main contact while you or your loved one is in hospital.

The primary nurse is the person you can expect to have the most contact with and they will be introduced to you and your carer, friend or relative, as soon as possible after admission to hospital.

You are still free to speak to any other member of the care team but the primary nurse will be your main contact.


Occasionally, due to the nature of an individual’s illness, it may be necessary to have someone keep a close eye on them for their own wellbeing, this is known as ‘observation’ or ‘supervision’ and involves staff checking a service user to make sure they are safe.  Should you require further information about this please speak to a member of nursing staff.


Sometimes there will also be students (eg doctors, nurses, therapists) on our units. If you do not want them there make this known to staff. If you have any concerns about student involvement, please talk to a member of staff.

Name badges

All staff on the unit should be wearing a badge but if you can’t see this please ask them to show you.

Smoke free

We are a smoke free Trust. This means that no one, including staff, visitors and people in our inpatient units, can smoke in our buildings or grounds.

What support will be available for inpatient service users who smoke?

We know that stopping smoking can be really tough so our staff will be there to support you. If you do not want to stop smoking, we will provide you with nicotine replacement therapy and psychological support to manage your nicotine withdrawal symptoms throughout the duration of your stay with us.

If you would like to try to stop smoking, in addition to the nicotine replacement therapy, we’ll also put you in touch with our friendly stop smoking advisors at Yorkshire Smokefree who can help you quit, your way.

For more information relating to the particular ward or unit you or your loved one will be staying at, contact the individual service and staff will be happy to answer your questions.  If you need help contacting the service, just get in touch with our customer services team who will be happy to help.

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