Volunteering FAQs

What type of information is needed for the supportive information form?

The form will ask how long the applicant has lived at their current address, the DBS requires the applicant to have lived at their address for 5 years. Please ensure they bring the correct information to the DBS interview i.e.:

  • Addresses to cover the 5 year period with the correct post code
  • Contact details i.e.: email contact telephone number

What happens if the applicant does not have the required DBS documentation and is unable to provide any?

If an applicant is unable to provide the any DBS documents this will not immediately exclude them for volunteering for the Trust, The application will be sent to HR recruitment via Volunteer services. The applicant would need to go to stage 4 this would require the applicant to be finger printed at a local police station.

Can applicants send their DBS documents via email?

NO all DBS document checks should be done face to face and verified by the supervisor, signed and scanned to voluntary services using a secure email account.

When will I know when the applicant can start?

Once all the required recruitment documents are received and verified in central volunteer services, the volunteer service will contact you to provide a start date to the applicant, applicants should not start in their volunteer role until you are notified all checks are clear.

If I am having issues with the volunteer and unable to find any  resolution who do I contact?

Contact volunteer services 01924 316426 / vol@swyt.nhs.uk  we’re here to support you and the volunteer to find the right outcome.


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