#Allofus art project creates inspirational artwork to reflect diversity and inclusivity

Staff network members have taken part in an arts project to raise awareness of diversity, inclusivity and our Trust values. of the Trust workplace as part of the #allofus campaign.

Part of the #allofus campaign the project was supported by the  integrated change team, people experience, EyUp! and equality and involvement team staff from the LGBT+, REACH, disability, carers network, Trans Barnsley and their allies. The seriesof creative workshops, commissioned by a variety of artists, The artwork will be displayed at sites across our Trust.

Our Trust welcomes feedback about the arts project. Our Trust aims to support all our people, including those who share any protected characteristic. We encourage our staff to share their experiences, you can do so by filling in the feedback form below.

‘Reflection’ by Alex Blakey

“As a glass artist, I believe that glass can connect us between both the existing and imagined world. It can provide a window into the past or a glimpse into the future. My work draws inspiration from individual and collective stories and memories.

“It was wonderful to hear the thoughts and views of staff from the Trust via a zoom workshop and meeting. In our workshop, staff created a series of zines focusing on four key questions. These were: What does identity mean to you? What is a diverse workplace? What does visibility mean to you? What would you like to see in the future? From the answers I received, I have developed a work of art that I hope represents the staff at the Trust, their individuality, and their hopes for the future.

“The piece centres around a globe, an image that was regularly featured in the group’s zines with two heads facing each other. The heads represent the global conversations we are having around diversity and how conversation can improve our understanding of one another. Surrounding this central image are mirrors enabling us to reflect upon our own sense of identity and smaller artworks celebrating individuals within the Trust.”

Website: www.alxcreations.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alxcreations/


‘We Come with Layers’ by Sally Barker

Image of art work.“I work mainly with sculpture and installation, often using ceramics and casting. My interests focus on power, control and the mark we make across the distinct but connected areas of feminism and the environment. These themes are expressed through a strong emphasis on materials and process, often involving breaking down and de-construction.

“The title of the piece came from the conversations at a workshop I ran with staff from the Trust. As we talked about their experience of working with the Trust, we made small elements in clay, several of which have been embedded in the final ceramic piece. We discussed being able to be authentic, true, self expressive, safe, valued and hopeful. I loved the phrase “we come with layers” as it applies to all the network groups we have been thinking about – its relevant to everyone in a unifying way, whilst being potentially very personal. It also has a physical interpretation that fits well with my work, as I layer hundreds of pieces of individually squeezed and pressed clay, which show the fingerprint or the mark we make, exploring hiding, revealing, wrapping, keeping safe.

“I hope this piece reflects the nature of the Trust, the people who work there and the people they work with: complex, layered and connected.”

Website: www.sallybarker.org

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sallyjbarker

Facebook: https://facebook.com/sallyjbarker


Unity’ by Abigail Barker

Image of a mosaic of three people holding hands.“I am often inspired by nature and natural, organic forms. I love to challenge myself so will regularly work in new ways and test out new materials, what l learn from this experimental work informs my future practice.

“A mosaic that is inspired by conversations around the themes of feeling supported and valued, acceptance of differences and reflections on gender and how to make changes so that everyone feels seen.”

Website: www.acreativespave.co.uk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/art.acreativespace/


‘Seen’ by Matt Radcliffe

“I met some incredible people throughout this process who shared their personal stories with me. They talked honestly about their experiences of equality, diversity and inclusion within the Trust – the main themes of which informed the title of this series.

“This project was viewed not only as a chance to encourage more representation within the Trust, but also as an opportunity for participants to take that first brave step and show their true selves. Often, many of us feel the need to conceal who we really are in the workplace. By putting themselves forward to be photographed, participants expressed a hope that others will feel ‘seen’, safe and inspired to bring their authentic self to work too.”

Website: mattradcliffephoto.co.uk

social: @mattradphoto

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