Covid Heroes: M

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with M:

Mandy Simon, monitoring officer

“Mandy you are a Covid Hero because throughout all the trials and tribulations you have done your utmost to carry out roles that were way out of your comfort zone. You have started early, finished late, work double shifts, Bank holidays plus working on different sites to help departments within facilities.

“You have been a monitoring officer, domestic, housekeeper, supervisor and linen lady and I would like to thank you for that.”

Malcolm Rollins, community health care assistant

“Malcolm is an amazing colleague who always goes above and beyond for service users. I have worked with Malcolm for the past twenty years and he has never let the teams down.

“Thank you, Mally, for being your true self. I don’t know where we would have been without you through Covid, service users would have been without medication :-).”

Mark Downer, Kirklees police liaison practitioner

“Worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic delivering face to face interventions and maintaining frontline services.”

Matthew Brown, security lead- Newton Lodge

“He has been around throughout the pandemic- working tirelessly to support all his colleagues within Newton Lodge. Our very own Super-hero! Even setting up a hydration station in his office to offer further support!

“Outstanding dedication!”

Mel Wood, head of performance and Information management

“Mel is always a very committed and motivated member of my management team, however she has really gone the extra mile during the pandemic.

“Mel has worked across 7 days a week to support Trust testing and vaccination hubs as well as other key pieces of work to support the covid-19 response as well as keeping the Trust business as usual reporting flowing internally and externally. Travelling across the Trust to ensure that operational services were supported.

“Thank you, Mel as always.”

Michelle Jowitt, pharmacy technician

“Michelle has worked throughout the pandemic and gone above and beyond for our service users and made sure that staff are well.

“I work alongside Michelle in the treatment team and she has made sure that we were well hydrated when we were low and staff and unable to take a break.

“This lady deserves a Covid Hero award.”

Michelle Howarth, community mental health nurse

“For her positive can-do attitude throughout the pandemic and her unfailing commitment to our team and service users. Continuing to offer face to face contact throughout, also a fantastic Baker!”

Michelle McGowan, Kirklees admiral nurse team manager

“Michelle has worked hard to keep the admiral nurse team in good spirits and cohesive during the pandemic.

“Michelle has been imaginative thinking of strategies and activities to allow us to stay connected as a team. Initiatives include virtual admiral nurse lunches, a sunflower and chilli plant growing competition and a virtual secret santa brunch.

“Michelle has always been very available to the team offering her support whenever we need it. She is very much appreciated by the team and the people she cares for.”

Mike Garnham, health intelligence

“Mike led the Trust lateral flow programme, overseeing distribution of tests as well as designing and implementing a reporting tool for the Trust to feed into national reports.

“In addition, he took part in testing hubs and was a key part of our testing response for staff.

“Thank you, Mike!”

Mike Garnham, health intelligence

“Mike, over many years, is an unsung hero. He listens. He makes things happen. He sorts all those systems out which help us do our jobs. And he always does it with charm and kindness, regardless of whatever Hurculean task he is given.

“I cannot remember him ever saying no. He explains things clearly and precisely. He helps me understand. He is probably worth far more to the Trust than they pay him.

“Covid has sent us many challenges. However, our systems have continued to run, developments continue, I can do my job within the boundaries which have been forced upon me.

“Mike is one of those often unseen people who has helped us all do our jobs, and has helped us keep caring for those who need it.

“He is indeed my Covid Hero, many thanks Mike!”

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