Covid Heroes: P

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with P:

Patricia McDonald, social worker

“Trish has been very supportive to all staff in the team through out the pandemic she has even volunteered her time to support staff with young kids and those vulnerable. She has provided emotional support to the team and myself when I lost a family member due to covid-19.”

Paul Mackin, consultant psychiatrist

“Paul joined the team at a difficult time and in the midst of the pandemic. He came with a positive can do attitude and has supported both colleagues and service users with a responsive and pro active approach throughout.”

Payroll department

“The payroll staff are not frontline but their work is key nonetheless.

“When lockdown started they switched from being in the office all the time to working from home 100% of the time. They achieved this transition without any disruption to service provision.

“The pandemic has created more work within the department as the Trust has had more people working bank and overtime; more staff retiring and returning to work afterwards; students to be set up and paid; and dealing with protection of earnings for those off with Covid.

“The payroll team are always busy and it was flat out before the pandemic hit. Even so, they took on the extra work caused by Covid and did not complain about having to work at weekends or evenings to cope with slow systems; networks; VPN; new ways of working; and extra demands on their time.

“The payroll team are all heroes and always have been. This year they are all Covid Heroes.”

Paul Bellerby, associate practitioner

“Paul has been a fantastic support and colleague during the pandemic. Taking on new responsibilities doing duty, leading on group work and supporting our own health and wellbeing with his armchair yoga sessions.

“Thanks for everything you have done Paul!”

Paul Calvert, community mental health nurse

“For his positive can-do attitude throughout the pandemic and her unfailing commitment to our team and service users, continuing to offer face to face contact throughout.”

Paul Cartwright, head of marketing and communications

“Paul has supported us all in getting key and important messages across the system. He has supported both corporate and operational services throughout the pandemic. He has helped us to construct key statements in a direct but sensitive and measured way.

“There have been times when Paul has been placed under a great deal of pressure and he has handled this incredibly professionally. Paul is never anything but supportive and I value his opinions and knowledge.”

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