Covid Heroes: R

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with R:

Rachael Booker, health centre coordinator

“Always helpful, patient, kind and ready to help anyone, no matter which department or Trust they are from, really puts herself forward and asks to help people.”

Rachel Adcock, team manager

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, managing and supporting the team through unprecedented circumstances.”

Rapid access OP service, Wakefield intensive homebased treatment team  OP service

“I have been very mindful that these teams (including their admin staff) have worked relentlessly during these past two years.

“They offered an uninterrupted service to all OP referred and maintained all face to face contact as and whenever possible to support people throughout these very challenging months since Feb 2020.

“They supported the smooth running of community services for OP and supported other teams to continue to maintain their roles and responsibilities.

“This posed many challenges and many staff experienced an impact on their own individual health and wellbeing.

“I just wanted to offer our sincere thanks on behalf of myself and my team.”

Rapid Access Service Yahaya, initial assessment team for older peoples services – Wakefield

“This is not one individual but a whole team.

“We have continued to offer a face to face, home visits throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. We have faced many changes to our practice and the way we work to offer a seem less service with professionalism and integrity assessing and supporting older people within the Wakefield BDU catchment area.”

Richard Butterfield, workforce planning manager

“Richard and his colleagues have done a fantastic job working on a number of initiatives such as internal recruitment, virtual recruitment fairs, leavers feedback and lots of other great work. Richard and team have shown fantastic commitment in supporting the Trust and its services.”

Richard Watterston, AHP lead Calderdale and Kirklees and physiotherapy lead

“At the beginning of the pandemic Richard realised management of patients requiring oxygen would be problematic for the trusts staff. There were only small canisters available in most places for oxygen provision, and these have short and limited life for emergency use.

“Richard familiarised himself with the oxygen concentrators, following this, he trained a team of physios and ACP’s and set up and managed the oxygen therapy service. This provided the wards with support through an on call service, they would offer support and guidance with regards to the management of patients requiring oxygen. The physio’s and ACP’s trained by Richard, also trained ward staff on how to use and set up the oxygen concentrators.

“Richard also trained the medics regarding oxygen therapy & prescription.

“This was all vital as it was unknown at the time what would happen with hospitals and Covid. At the time this Trust had no system in place around oxygen therapy but that is now in place thanks to Richard.”

Rob Unwin, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Robin Sunderland, south enhanced one team manager

“I would like to nominate Robin as he has supported his team through Covid even though he has been unwell himself and was classed as high risk during covid. Robin has gone above and beyond for his team and has supported each and every one of us through such a difficult time.

“I know I can speak for all the team about what a brilliant manager he is and not only supported us through a very difficult time but also encouraged us to increase our skills and support us to either do some extra training or apply for another role.

“All of this was done when not only he but also his family (Rose and his children) were going through such a difficult time themselves. I have much admiration for Robin, professionally and personally. In my opinion Robin is a Covid Hero!”

Russ Wilks, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Russell Broom, senior health care support worker

“Russ is a Covid Hero because he has continued to support and maintain relationships throughout the pandemic, in particular with Prince of Wales Hospice, patient experience group and local authority day services. Russ has worked tirelessly to ensure these relationships and networks have open channels of communication to meet the needs of our most vulnerable service users with learning disability living in the community.

“Russ’ passion for hospice care lead to collaborative work between Wakefield community learning disability team and Prince of Wales Hospice. This year the work was selected and displayed at the national Hospice UK 2021 conference, a poster display demonstrating the work before and during the pandemic to support people with a learning disability and their families.

“Russ’ compassion, kindness and care with one particular family on his case load should be highly commended. He has supported them throughout the lockdown and continues to do so. The service user is potentially going to be the first person with a learning disability to access specialised hospice care for respite in our locality, which is going to make an enormous difference to all their lives. All this during a pandemic is absolutely amazing!”

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