NHS 70 superstars: D

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with D:

Dagmar Tinker, team secretary, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“For her dedication and hard work. I am proud to have her on our team.”

Damian Burden, deputy manager, Intensive Home based Treatment Team, Barnsley
“Damian is dependable, compassionate, fair and has a wonderful manner with staff and service users. He truly holds service users at the front of his practice, developing an excellent rapport and therapeutic alliance. He is inclusive, honest and open, often looking at all perspectives. He is passionate around trying to support therapeutic risk taking in the interest of the person and their families. He is one of our unsung heroes.”

Damon Barker-Scholes, ward manager, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Damon is approachable, caring and supportive.”

Dan Isherwood, healthcare assistant, Stanley ward
“Dan does a lot of work that is not always seen. He ensures the treatment room is looked after and stores are ordered ensuring we can provide a good service. He has worked hard at recent studies which have paid off so he can continue his career journey. Dan is eager to learn new skills, he is approachable and trustworthy.”

Daniel Bortoft, healthcare assistant, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“I have known Daniel for several years, initially working with him on the acute wards. I remember him welcoming me to the ward and when I see him now he is still as friendly and kind. Daniel deserves a thank you for all the kindness and understanding that he continues to show towards both service users and staff.”

Daniel Bullock, technical instructor, Occupational therapy, Bretton Centre
“Dan is a great all round member of staff. Dan is a member of the OT staff but is always available to assist on the ward whenever possible. He is a genuinely caring and humorous member of staff and is always smiling! He has great relationships with the service users. Such a pleasure to work with him.”

Daniel Collins, deputy manager, intensive home based treatment team, Calderdale
“He has been very supportive and is doing an excellent job covering for the team manager who is currently not in work.”

Daniel Eades, operational support officer, operational management team, Kendray Hospital
“Dan is fabulous! He is my right-hand man and I would be lost without him. He never complains about his workload, even though it’s huge and any challenge I give him he rises to it! He is positive, motivated and enthusiastic and has bags of potential!”

Daniel Hussey, clinical lead for young people outreach team
“Dan is an asset to the team. He is very thoughtful, an excellent leader, and highly skilled practitioner.”

Daniel Rowett, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Core East Team, Baghill Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Daniel has developed into a very caring, supportive and professional nurse. He gives a 100% to his colleagues and his clients, and has worked hard within the Core East team to get all the clinics up and running efficiently.”

Daniel Slater, lead nurse, neighbourhood nursing service, Kendray Hospital
“Always being supportive, puts staff first and encourages people to be the best they can be, easy to approach, a credit to the service and NHS and essential to the future of our neighbourhood nursing service.”

“Dan is full of enthusiasm, he is dynamic and motivated and makes every day brighter! He is focused on service development, sharing good practice and supporting our staff! He makes me smile every day and is a pleasure to work with!”

“For all his hard work and effort to improve the services we deliver every day resulting in improved outcomes for our service users and a happier workforce, a very talented young man.”

Danielle Tattersley, staff nurse, Waterton ward, Newton Lodge
“Danielle goes above and beyond her job role on a daily basis. She is an asset to any team and a managers dream.”

Danika Ripley, memory nurse, Folly Hall
“For all your hard work supporting the team in meeting its goals. Thank you.”

Darrell Fleetwood, senior community mental health nurse, Core team, Lundwood Health Centre
“In the face of rapid changes, Darrell is always positive, happy and optimistic – embracing change. He is morale bottled and a person who is always happy to help and uplift anyone who needs it.”

“Darrell is a cornerstone of our Team. He is the ‘go-to’ person to answer any queries or sound something out. He is our ‘Font of all knowledge’ and he never tires or complains. He is most definitely a Superstar and he truly does his very best for all clients and families and his colleagues. A most approachable, positive ‘good guy’ who deserves high recognition.”

“For always being there for the team, clients and colleagues within the central core. Despite the very challenging and difficult times we are going through, “when the going gets tough”, Darrell remains positive and supportive, always going the extra mile, a great big Thank you !! No matter what Darrell is “our” NHS70 superstar.”

“For looking after my dad, so sensitively and treating him with dignity. Thank you for listening when we needed you to and giving dad the care he needed.”

Darren Dooler, Live Well Wakefield self-help assistant, Live Well Wakefield, Agbrigg and Bellvue Community Centre
“They are always so happy to help, nothing is ever too much trouble and they will always go the extra, extra mile for the service users, volunteers and staff. It is a privilege to have worked with them.”

“I would like to say a big thank you to Darren, he provides me and everyone around him with inspiration, he makes you laugh and is always there for other people. He volunteers and gives his own time to support other people with mental health issues. He has come a long way and just gained employment with Live Well service and continues to provide a large number of volunteer hours. He makes me feel I should do more and is inspirational. A big thank you from us at the Trust volunteer services.”

Darren Haigh, student mental health nurse, The Dales
“Darren has brought fresh eyes to the team with his enthusiastic, motivated hunger to learn. He is always happy to help and ensures that he always maintains a happy professional approach with all liaisons/ contacts he makes.”

Darren Szefer, support worker, CMHT OPS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For his unstinting commitment to the job and flexible approach and professionalism. He exudes calm and can be relied on to support in any situation, displaying good humour as he does so!”

Dave Japp, facilities engineer, Facilities department, Fieldhead
“For his continued support to me and my staff in ensuring our buildings are safe, secure and in winter months “warm”. He is always willing to help where he is able and goes that extra mile. Nothing is too much trouble for him. Without his support, my role would be very difficult. His knowledge is vast and we value and appreciate all that he does for us.”

“Nothing is too much trouble for Dave! He is so helpful and personable. All round nice guy and works so hard!”

“Dave fixes anything and he’s really helpful and flexible about his job. His title might be electrician but he does so much more and he does it with pride.”

Dave Luckly, staff nurse, Thornhill Unit, Bretton Centre
“Dave is a genuine and caring person that truly goes above and beyond. He gives his own time to provide supervision for colleagues and to facilitate activities for service users. He often comes in on his day off to set up his personal cinema system on the ward so the service users can experience movies on the big screen. This especially makes the activity worthwhile to those that do not have any leave to leave the building. Simply put, Dave is a nice guy.”

“Dave goes over and beyond, he brings his own surround sound system into work on his day off so we can have film nights. He creates a nicer positive atmosphere.”

Dave Ogden, head occupational therapist, Occupational therapy, Newhaven
“His level of interaction with service users is superb and not just in the ward, he’s always out and about with service users undertaking activities showing pride in them and their achievements. He makes me feel proud to be part of the Trust.”

Dave Ramsay, deputy director for specialist services, Barnsley
“For really caring about service, the staff and the service users and always giving over 100% and never shouting about it.”

Dave Watson, Creative Minds development worker, Creative Minds, Kendray Hospital
“Dave is very well connected to services and the Barnsley community. He is calm and measured and has bags of common sense and character.”

David Hargreaves, consultant forensic psychiatrist, Ryburn Ward, Bretton Centre
“He listens to me which helps me make progress. He is polite and treats me with respect. He is honest with me and straight to the point. I feel that he genuinely cares about me.”

“For his excellent clinical delivery and approach to service user care.”

David Hood, senior community mental health nurse, CMHT enhanced team 2, Kendray Hospital
“David is an excellent care coordinator; compassionate, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to help patients in his care work towards recovery and living independently. His seamless multidisciplinary work and communication with ward based colleagues have made a big difference in helping one of my patients get back to their home and recovering their ordinary life.”

David Ireland, volunteer,  Oasis cafe
“I would like to thank David for just been David, he’s brilliant. He gets over daily obstacles and has come so far. He brightens the place up with his jokes and is well known for them. David’s more than a volunteer he’s part of the heart and soul of the Oasis cafe and has been for years. “

David Maughan, staff nurse, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Dave is an all round BFG (big friendly giant). He’s a true gentleman, a good primary nurse, he doesn’t lag about and he gets his hands stuck in. He’s funny, kind and positive.”

“Dave is a person that gives me good advice. I can talk to him anytime and this makes me feel strong about myself.”

David Yockney, community matron, Neighbourhood nursing service, Mapplewell Health Centre
“David is quietly confident and delivers a fabulous service to those in his care. He is a systems leader in our neighbourhood nursing service and continues to provide effective leadership and management of the neighbourhood nursing teams in his area! He is a pleasure to work with!”

Dawn Gatenby, ward administrator, Elmdale, the Dales, Calderdale
“She is always willing to help.”

Dawn Haigh, assistant management accountant, Finance department, Kendray Hospital
“Thanks go to Dawn for all her hard work and support over the last few months as we have been short staffed she has come in when she has not been well at all because she knows how much we need her at work. She makes me proud to be part of the Barnsley finance team.” 

Dawn Walmsley, community matron, Neighbourhood nursing service, Cudworth LIFT
“Dawn is a community matron and delivers fantastic clinical care! She is also a systems leader in our neighbourhood nursing service and continues to provide effective leadership and management of the neighbourhood nursing teams in her area! She is proactive and engages with partners in an extremely positive manner! She is an asset to the team.”

Dean Roberts, healthcare assistant, Stanley ward
“Dean never stops on a shift, always on the go and totally service user focused as well. And a plus is that he always pays his money for the staff tea and coffee fund!”

“Dean is an amazing, caring and enthusiastic practitioner. Dean helps to fuel the nursing team to work in a way that is positive and collaboratively with individual service users. Dean is fun to work with and is always the prankster; keeping the nursing team on their toes. Dean is a huge asset to Stanley team.”

“Dean is a very funny and energetic person, he brightens the teams day up when he is on shift. Goes above and beyond for staff and patients. Dean is an amazing team player and it’s hard to keep up as Dean whizzes about on the ward. A pleasure to work with.”

Debbie Beynon-Fisher, personal assistant, Fieldhead
“For consistently going above and beyond the call of duty. Debbie always gives her best and is a pleasure to have as part of the team. She is patient, thoughtful and kind and always supports her peers and the directors.” 

Debbie Burgin, staff nurse, Enfield Down
“For being so caring and compassionate to our service users, going above and beyond. Debbie has been so supportive of me over the past 10 years, she is a great mentor. She always helps us HCA with being hands on with us, many staff nurses do not. She deserves recognition because I personally think that she is undervalued.”

Debbie Coverley, healthcare assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Debbie works hard to overcome some physical health problems. She providing high quality, compassionate care and for always smiling.”

Debbie Cowie, clinical pharmacist, pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to take on new roles. Thank you for all the support you have given to our new staff.”

Debbie Kunning, staff nurse, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“Debbie is an absolute gem to work with. She puts a smile on my face every time I see her. She listens to all my issues and gives me the best advice. She never asks anyone to do anything she would not do herself and she never stops working hard. She would do anything for anyone. She is an inspiration to the future of nursing!” 

Debbie Pratt, healthcare assistant, District nursing, Roundhouse Medical Centre
“For being absolutely lovely, came to a new team and hit the ground running. Absolutely caring and kind to staff and patients alike.”

Debbie Rivers, senior clinical practitioner, Bronte Ward, Newton Lodge
“Organised, hardworking and fun to work with.”

Debbie Skubala, occupational therapist, Intermediate Care, Barnsley
“Debbie is one of the kindest folk around. She goes the extra mile for her patients and their families. Despite the challenges of the service, she is always willing to offer help and support to colleagues even though her own caseload is demanding. We are all very lucky to have her on our team and she is a shining example to us all. A big thank you.”

Debi Haynes, specialist CAMHS nurse, Barnsley CAMHS
“They are undervalued, supervising a lot of staff and working so hard to keep IAPT principles alive in CAMHS.”

Deborah Ackroyd, healthcare assistant, Priestley ward, Newton Lodge
“Deborah is always caring and trying her hardest to meet service user’s needs and requirements, she is friendly and approachable and is always doing her best to go above and beyond for anybody.”

Deborah Blakeston, IAPT long term conditions team lead, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“For all her support and hard work. She constantly goes above and beyond and always has time to listen. Her passion for her role is greatly motivating.”

“Debbie has been a pillar of strength ever since she joined the IAPT team in 2013. She is supportive, person-centred and incredibly generous towards me and the rest of the team. Even when she disagrees with me she does it in a way that is respectful and honest. She makes me feel like a valued member of the team.

“Debbie is a fantastic source of support for the whole team in IAPT if there is ever anything that you are unsure of them Debbie is the woman to see. She is always helpful and provides the best support, and does this is a kind and caring manner so that you continuously feel valued and supported by the team. We couldn’t ask for anyone better within our team to help lead the way, she constantly works hard and always goes above and beyond her job role. Thank you so much, Debbie!”

Deborah Carter, dietetic assistant, Modular building, Fieldhead
“Always friendly and helpful, makes the workplace a friendlier place.”

Deborah Embleton, senior therapy assistant, children’s therapy team, Kendray Hospital
“Debbie is incredibly dedicated and hard working, going above and beyond in all she does. She has a positive and gentle approach with the children she works with and is an asset to the team.”

Deborah Hardwick, specialist stop smoking advisor, Yorkshire Smokefree Calderdale
“Supporting me to work with a broken wrist. She would write things down and even open tins of soup for me. I felt special, a valued member of a wonderful team.”

Deborah Newman, clinical manager, The Lodge
“She does everything with a smile and is always supportive. She will always give you a listening ear and help in any way she can.”

Deborah Walton, personal assistant, management team, Folly Hall
“Deborah has been a great support to me over the years and this continues to this day. She is always willing to “get stuck in” and help anyone in need, sometimes putting pressure on her already pressured role. She is a brilliant work colleague and now a friend. She is one of the members of staff that people say “Deborah will know” so she holds a lot of valuable information. She is the glue that keeps it all together and a very valued and knowledgeable member of the team.”

Debra Craven, clerical officer, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For her hard work and for always being willing to help out when needed.”

Debra Parkin-Coates, deputy ward manager, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“Debbie is always positive and committed to achieving quality service user outcomes. She often goes above and beyond to ensure the needs of the service are met. She is an asset to the Priory 2 team and to the NHS!”

Debra Walsh, support worker, Beckside Court
“Debra really is a team player and will help out anywhere she can. She really has insight into the challenges the team face as a whole and offers up her services to support the team. She is person centred and is loved by the service user’s she works with.”

Debs Taylor, Creative Minds peer project support worker, Creative Minds, Trustwide
“She saved my life.”

“I am always inspired by hearing her story and it makes me want to work harder for improvements in the system.”

“Debs is inspirational and has such a wonderfully powerful story what she tells with such elegance and poise. You cannot help but be inspired and energised to keep focusing on what really matters and that everyone should have a voice. Keep on telling your inspirational story and I cannot wait to hear and see the next chapter of your incredible journey.”

“Debs has such an inspirational personal story that she tells with such dignity and poise. She tells it in such a way you cannot help but be inspired even if you have not suffered mental illness personally. She gives hope to many in different guises. Offering patients a chance to think about their own lives and how they can make a difference to themselves and be encouraged to try new things to help. But also to us professionals that we can learn so much from our patients and the contribution they can add to the conversations and learning so much from them. Debs has changed the way I practise. She has taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life, that I am not ‘the expert with all the answers’ and that each patient that comes through my door is their own expert in themselves. Thank you, Debs, keep up the fantastic work you do. I will never forget your presence.”

“Inspirational, we could all do with a little bottle of her enthusiasm.”

“Debs’ personal journey was truly moving and will stay with me for a very long time. I thank her for being so open and inspirational. “

“She is always helpful and supportive to me. She always makes time for me and I am much better because of her. Thank you, Debs, you are a real superhero to me.”

“What an honest and transparent account of such a personal story. It was a privilege to hear her speak – I really do appreciate it. Feedback from your session was overwhelmingly positive – people are quite simply buzzing after hearing and meeting her. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her story and opening up many conversations that would never have happened otherwise.”

“Debs has a huge capacity for compassion and will do anything for anybody. This is true of her as a worker, in her volunteering, and in personal life. She really does bring ‘herself’ to work in every respect. She uses her personal journey to inspire others and to help create the conditions for improvements to services. Anyone who meets her can tell she is fired up about her role.”

“WOW! What a courageous brave woman she is. A true inspiration and by sharing her journey allows other people to open up and feel safe in sharing theirs. I left feeling on top of the world, what a great feeling. Can I have more please?”

“Debs is such a supportive colleague who never ceases to amaze me on just how far and wonderful her life is going, but still remains grounded and as helpful and supportive as ever. Debs is always willing and supportive of anyone in need. A genuine heartfelt woman who only wants to see other people thrive and succeed. Sure a rare quality but done in such a down to earth casual way. Debs is certainly one in a billion.”

“Debs’ story blew me off my feet. I was so inspired to keep going despite the frustrations with the system and the services I work in. I realise now that it is more important than ever to keep speaking out for the vulnerable. Debs story is so personal but one that I am sure reflects today’s society. Its a stark reminder of power and control. We need to be empowering people to be controlling their own lives, and this is something I will take forward in my work. Thank you, Debs, for such a powerful personal story, which will continue to have a profound effect on me and the systems that I have some control over. Everyone in the room was spellbound by what she had to say, and I hope they are as fired up about changing and improving all the more now they have heard such a fantastic story. Thank you so much for sharing.”

Delia Kelly, admin assistant/receptionist, Trinity/Unity/Stanley/Walton wards
“Delia does a marvellous job on reception. She is friendly, approachable, kind, caring and funny.”

“Thank you for always being so cheery, friendly and caring. You have a listening ear and your can do attitude is fabulous.”

“Delia brings organisation to both Walton and Stanley ward. She is a font of knowledge and is amazing to work with. She regularly keeps the teams in check and brings positivity and laughter. Delia is an unsung hero!”

Denise Donnelly, community services manager, health and wellbeing services, Trustwide
“Denise always makes sure that she touches base with each and every one of her staff face to face or by the phone weekly. The staff really value this as it makes them feel valued and motivated in their role. The health and wellbeing teams have been going through some challenging times over the past 2 years and Denise has provided unwavering support whilst also supporting some of the neighbourhood nursing teams in Barnsley. Staff can contact Denise for a chat at any time but she also empowers staff to develop their role in the services she manages. Denise very much lives the ‘leading from every seat’ ethos of the organisation. Staff report feeling supported and happy in their roles. Staff are encouraged to progress and are informed about development opportunities should they want to access this. Some staff are currently accessing internal ILM courses to support their career development. Denise always makes time for people even when her diary is overflowing.”

“Denise is one of the most thoughtful managers I’ve ever had. She makes herself available and is proactive in supporting you and ensuring you’re kept informed. She is also incredibly kind and goes out of her way to make everyone she has contact with feel valued and respected.”

“Being a wonderfully supportive manager during difficult times for me, encouraging my team to support me to continue working with a broken wrist. Denise always makes me feel valued.”

Dennis Webster, healthcare assistant, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Dennis is always punctual and always well dressed. If I had a brother like him, I’d be so happy. He is caring and passionate and doesn’t throw his weight. He has a good sense of humour.”

“For the hard work and dedication, he has shown on Thornhill ward. He remains calm even in the most difficult situation. Staff feel safe with his presence on the ward during those difficult days. A few times he has been moved wards but never complained. Grateful to have him in the team on Thornhill. He is gym trained and makes sure service users’ gym access is not only during 9-5 hours.”

“Dennis is a really nice man who is very approachable about any problem whatsoever. He gives people his time and he treats me with dignity and respect and is like a mate rather than staff. He is an asset to this ward and his experience shows.” 

Diane Atkinson, staff nurse, Cudworth Centre
“All her support and the work she does to keep the team running.”

Diane Brown, speech and language therapist, Stroke rehabilitation unit, Kendray Hospital
“Diane has provided fantastic support to the therapy team on the stroke unit. She always brightens up our day with her humour and provides brilliant clinical skills and leadership to the team.”

Diane Hampshire, district nurse, Thurnscoe Health Centre
“For being a great team player and always remaining positive and upbeat in busy periods.”

Diane McGowan, principal pharmacist, Folly Hall
“Diane is one of the most committed, determined and cheerful people I’ve ever worked with! She goes out of her way to support colleagues and ensure the job gets done, however challenging the task might be.”

Diane Naylor, secretary, assistant director of nursing, Professions Office, Oaks Building, Kendray Hospital
“Being helpful, cheerful and supportive. Gives 100%.”

“Diane has been of invaluable help to me in my previous role as a clinical lead and chair of the CAMHS governance meetings for a period until late 2017. She organised the meetings, which has not been an easy task, due to the number of attendees from across the Trust and the complexities of the agenda items. She has done a stellar job, and I have been impressed by her organisational skills, as well as the cheerful attitude that she has brought to the task.”

Diane Ormston, pharmacy technician, Pharmacy department, Kendray Hospital
“Supreme effort getting in on snow days.”

“Stepping up to the mark and travelling to Fieldhead to work in the dispensary 1 day per fortnight.”

Dianne Rogers, healthcare support worker, Stanley ward, Wakefield
“Dianne is the duchess of Stanley ward. She is warm, supportive and patient centred, a well respected and valued member of the team, with a great sense of humour. “

Diane Taylor, CPN, Beckside Court, Batley
“She is extremely supportive of the team and always shows empathy. Diane is one of those people who would “do anything for anyone.”

“Calmness, dedication to work.”

Donna Bailey, senior staff nurse, Rapid access team, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being a true leader and inspiration to staff. For always having time to support and listen to staff when she is busy and offering advice and a helping hand whenever she can. She truly makes a difficult job more enjoyable, has a smile and makes being a mental health nurse look easy. I have learnt so much from her as I know other members of the team have. Thank you for being an exceptional nurse, a supportive colleague and advisor.”

“Donna is a very genuine, caring, hardworking, motivated and supportive colleague to all of our team members. She always has a smile on her face. She is brilliant with service users and their families/carers. She’s a pleasure to work with.”

Donna Bateman, assistant management accountant
“Donna has faced new challenges over the past 18 months and had done really well.  She became a valued member of the team very quickly. I’m proud to work with her.”

Donna Gallagher, ward manager, Stanley Ward
“Supporting me to achieve my academic qualifications. Giving me the confidence to progress in my career. Provided support to ensure service users are given the highest standards of care. Her door is always open to both service users and staff.”

“I have worked for Donna for many years, she is not only a kind, approachable person but she is a fantastic manager who always supports her staff whilst ensuring service users are always put first.”

Donna Quayle, team manager, Enhanced team, Lundwood Health Centre
“For knowing what the NHS is really about and for keeping the spirit going.”

Donna Williams, healthcare assistant, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“I have known Donna for a lot of years now, I would like to thank her for always being supportive, kind and caring. She is also a great support worker who works hard with service users to give them the care and support that they deserve. It’s a pleasure to call you my colleague and friend. “

Dorothy O’Driscoll, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Calderdale Royal Hospital
“Dorothy is very much part of the team and is always on hand for listening and supporting others and the challenges they face. She really has changed the way I perceive psychology.”

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