NHS 70 superstars: C

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names that begin with C:

Caitriona Byron, administration, Modular building, Fieldhead
“Always ready to help with a friendly face.”

Cassie Metcalf, Beechdale ward manager, The Dales, Calderdale
“All the hard work and dedication she puts into the ward and the patients.”

Carl Gibson, senior healthcare assistant, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“Carl is one of those people who makes your day a bit brighter! He comes to work with a positive attitude, he is able to make anyone laugh and feel at ease, and gets the job done well. The service users speak highly of him and his colleagues value him greatly.”

“For always putting 110% into his working day, going above and beyond to help satisfy the needs of service users. He undertakes his role with true commitment and passion and he is a real asset to the unit. He is the life and soul of the ward when things get difficult. Carlos is a breath of fresh air and is fun to work alongside. I often sought Carlos’ advice due to his wealth of knowledge due to doing the job role for 10+ years! Thank you for making Chippendale a fun and safe environment to work!”

Carley Butcher, buyer, Procurement, Barnsley

“Fantastic member of the Procurement team. Always happy to help, nothing is ever too much trouble.”

“Often support staff don’t receive the same recognition as frontline staff. Carley and her team are instrumental to the operational function of BICES, and ensuring equipment/advice is always available for issue to the residents of Barnsley. Always helpful and reactive to our essential service Carley will ensure that our equipment purchases are processed within essential deadlines to meet the continual requirement of both community clinicians and the general public. I would feel that BICES are possibly one of the services that use the Procurement dept on a daily basis and the placement of a high volume of orders. Carley is so helpful and has recently developed several supplier links to simplify these transactions. A support staff member that we should recognise.”

“For their dedication and loyalty to the NHS over the last 15 years.”

“For providing a fab service, she is always helpful and never makes me feel like I am pestering her regardless of how many times I call. Thank you.”

“Hard work within the NHS, always helpful and knowledgeable.”

Carlie-Jo Guest, staff nurse, Stanley Ward, Fieldhead
“It’s terrific to see such commitment and enthusiasm from someone starting out on their nursing career. Such a good listener and pays attention to detail.” 

“Since starting on Stanley Ward in September 2017, Carlie-Jo has quickly become an outstanding and dedicated member of staff. She works in a proactive and empathetic manner towards individual service user care. Carlie-Jo’s personality shines through challenging times and she encourages positive motivation within the team. Thank you for stepping up when the team needs you Carlie-Jo!”

Carly Thimm, MHA and MCA manager, legal services, Fieldhead
“For being open and honest.”

“Carly is a fantastic colleague and I have the pleasure of calling a friend. When I was new to the department, she made me feel so welcome. She is always there for her staff and will drop what she is doing to help out. She makes coming to work an absolute pleasure and I can say that I’ve not laughed as much as I have done working with her for years!”

Carol Davenport, community psychiatric nurse, Enhanced Pathway, Calderdale
“Carol is one of the most dedicated nurses I have had the pleasure to work with. She always goes above and beyond and is a huge support to her colleagues and is well respected by both colleagues and service users alike. I value how she challenges practice decisions daily but values others opinions. She is a credit to the Trust.”

Carol Harris, director of forensic and specialist services, Trustwide
“Carol is a wonderful example of what makes the NHS great. She’s really practical, very helpful and incredibly thoughtful.”

Carol Hearne, secretary/administrator, Specialist nursing service, Apollo Court
“For being so calm and fantastically helpful in dealing with problems associated with patient appointments and numerous other administration tasks. She is super organised, extremely hard working and without her, us nurses could not provide such a good service to our patients. She always seems to go the extra mile to be helpful.”

Carole Allatt, healthcare assistant, district nursing team, Cudworth LIFT
“Carole has worked for this Trust for a number of years in the capacity of healthcare assistant. She has shown dedication, commitment and professionalism in her work. Nothing is too much trouble for her, often working above and beyond her hours. She puts patient care at the forefront and the quality of care she delivers is of a high standard.” 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carole for all her hard work, she has adapted to many changes over the years with good grace and fantastic flare. She is a total asset to our nursing team and the world of nursing is a better place because of her. She makes the team and all her clients happy and leaves us all with a smile on our face, thanks, Carole.”

Carole Habiba Yahaya, staff nurse, rapid access service, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“To thank you for being a supportive and positive colleague. For the genuine interest that you have in student nurses and the work you put into this role.”

Carole Rules, bank staff nurse, Priory 2, Fieldhead
“I want to thank Carole for being a rock in the storm over the last few years that I have spent in and out of hospital. Carole has always made time for me no matter how busy she was, and I really trusted her judgement at times when I was unwell and unsure of everything. I really value and respect her honesty in speaking plainly and openly. She has always been assertive in supporting my best interests, even countering other nursing and medical arguments at times. Carole is so approachable and supportive of all her patients and their families and always goes the extra mile to help someone. More than just a professional – she is genuine, down to earth and treats every individual as a person. She is strong and objective when needed but always honest and kind, showing patience, understanding and compassion in even the most challenging circumstances. I have witnessed this time and time again. You are a superstar Carole and you deserve to know how highly patients value your care!”

Caroline Bradder, healthcare support worker, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“Caroline is an integral part of the team. She is relentlessly caring and supportive and shows this to service users, carers and staff alike! She is dynamic and passionate about her role, making valuable contributions to the ward! She always goes above and beyond in all she does. Thank you, Caroline.”

Caroline Marsden, team leader, adult epilepsy nursing service, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Caroline is passionate about providing a quality service for epilepsy patients. She is positive, enthusiastic and motivated despite very challenging demands on her team due to the ever-increasing number of patients! She leads the team well and always sings the praises of her staff. I am proud to have her on my team.”

Caroline Steadman, senior clinical practitioner, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“Being a supportive member of the Sandal team and a good listener.”

“Caroline, what more can I say but thanks for being an amazing and supportive clinical team leader.”

“Caroline always goes out of her way to help staff and service users. She is approachable, fair and efficient.”

Carolyn Hodkin, Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist, Specialist nurses, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Carolyn is fairly new in the post in Barnsley and brought a wealth of knowledge from her previous post. She is keen and enthusiastic about Parkinson’s disease and delivers an excellent service across the whole of Barnsley. As she is a lone worker I often feel that this could be a lonely role, but she demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills, is always happy and clearly loves her job!”

Carol Standeven, community staff nurse, Thurnscoe Lift Centre, Barnsley
“Carol has supported me with some complex situations and I am thankful of that”

“Carol is a fantastic person to work with and gives excellent support through difficult times. Carol is always on hand to offer support and advice and is a great asset to the District Nurse Team”

Cassie Metcalfe, ward manager, Beechdale Ward, The Dales

“For being an excellent manager on Beechdale and running a great team. Mucks in when situations demand it, juggles lots of priorities, cares about her staff team, keeps a cool head and a great sense of humour. Makes you want to go that extra mile, so in my book, she is an inspirational leader and I’d like others in the organisation to know that too.”

“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

“For being such a caring and perceptive ward manager and ensuring patient centred care is at the heart of everything always!”

“She always mucks in with the rest of the team when the going gets tough no matter how dirty the job which needs doing. Her day job is stressful and demanding but she still has time for the patients and staff. I know I can approach her with any problem, personal or work, and she will try to help me and give me the time needed no matter how much pressure she is under herself.”

Cath Fisher, 
support worker, community team, Beckside Court
“Cath has so much knowledge and really has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the team. She is very person-centred, organised and has amazing people skills. She really does go the extra mile.” 

Cath Staneff, ADHD/Autism secretary
“I want to thank Cath for her resilience in keeping the ADHD/autism team going over the last few years. She is always there – busy, dedicated and can’t do enough for others. I think she deserves to be recognised for this.”

Catherina Westwood, team manager, Enhanced Team West, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Catherina is an exceptional leader and extremely supportive manager. Each day she demonstrates compassion and dedication to the service users we support and promotes the same within the team. Catherina is an inspirational example of how effective management and leadership within a team promotes a positive motivated team who strive to provide the best possible care and support for service users, carers and families we work alongside.”

“For being a supportive and encouraging manager. She is very encouraging of her team and very enthusiastic about what the team can achieve, always supportive of enhancing our skills and making the service and the staff the best it can be for the service users.”

Catherine Eaves, general manager, Newton Lodge
“She has her staff and service users at heart and is supportive and caring when there ‘s a crisis, either personal or professional. Thank you for being there and giving good guidance.”

“For being a supportive, manager. Catherine is just always there. She keeps it 100%.”

“Catherine is a very supportive manager, she always offers advice and support, she is an inspiration.”

Catherine Darling, staff nurse, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“If you looked up joyful in the dictionary there would be a picture of Cathy. She’s such a genuinely nice person and always willing to help anyone. She’s smart and funny with a great sense of humour.”

“Cathy is bubbly and funny. She is always there when I need her. She’s straightforward and to the point. She is hardworking and is proactive. She always makes time for people going through difficult times.”

“Cathy is a laugh. She is always cracking jokes and I can talk to her about any subject. I remembered when she assessed me years ago when I was in a different ward, she was really lovely.”

Catherine Lyall, Beachdale ward clerk, Beechdale Ward, The Dales
“For being the backbone of Beechdale ward and ensuring we have all the reviews done on time, communicate and invite families and supporting the medical staff! Nothing is too much trouble!”

Cathyrn Daley McCoy, clinical psychologist, Wakefield CAMHS
“For caring about a young person on her caseload who was going to be admitted to a tier 4 bed and coming in on her day off. Not only did this support her colleagues, but she went above and beyond to assist with the transporting of this young person so he could be moved in a timely manner. This made me feel proud of the team’s effort, but especially Cathyrn. She is a true superstar!”

Catherine Lyall, Beechdale ward clerk, Beechdale Ward, The Dales, Calderdale
“Catherine is a star! She goes above and beyond, not only doing her own endless pile of work but jumping in and helping everyone, spending time with service users, housekeeping and offering support for the whole team. Just wanted you to know how appreciated all your hard work is to the staff on Beechdale.”

Catherine Marshall, information analyst, P&I, Block 8, Fieldhead
“For always being happy to help out when needed, for providing support to the team and for all her hard work.”

Cathryn Milthorpe, IAPT data quality lead, Barnsley
“For always being happy to help no matter what the request or how tight the deadline.”

Cathy Coward, liaison nurse, early onset dementia team, Folly Hall
“For all your hard work and commitment to the memory service and all the extra support you have given the team whilst staffing levels have been low. Thank you.”

Cecilia Crump, performance and information manager, estates and facilities, Kendray Hospital
“Cecilia gives 110% into all that she does. I would like to thank her for being my work mentor throughout my progression in SWYPFT.”

Charlotte Ramsden, scanning bureau supervisor, Block 10, Fieldhead
“Constant dedication to achieving excellence, culminating in the scanning bureau obtaining BS1008 certification. Charlotte was seconded to lead the bureau, which was already in operation after we had difficulty in filling the post. She hit the ground running operationally and immediately earned the respect of the team. She is an organised and conscientious record-keeper, which provided a tremendous advantage during the audit stages for the BS10008 certification as all requested information was immediately available. In addition, Charlotte welcomes suggestions for individual and operational/team improvement, whether from the team, internal customers or external auditors. Charlotte is truly an asset to the team, department and organisation.”

Charlotte Schofield, operational support officer, Kendray hospital, Barnsley
“Ever since joining the Trust, Charlotte has gone out of her way to make me feel welcomed into the team. Her diligence to her work, coupled with her caring personality has made it a real joy to work with her.”

Charmaine Manning, healthcare assistant, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Charmaine is a team member who brings laughter and fun to a close-knit team. When Charmaine is on shift there is never a dull moment. Charmaine is the life and soul of the team and brings a positive energy with her when she comes to work. Charmaine is a pleasure to work with!”

Cheryl Slack, administrative manager, Folly Hall
“Cheryl has been very supportive of my work over the years. She has served services well as Folly Hall site manager, a very demanding job. On a personal level, she has been incredibly kind to me. Very happy to nominate her Cheryl.”

“Cheryl is a pleasure to work with, she is supportive and caring. She has a very difficult role but makes it seamless and is a font of knowledge. I am happy to have found a friend in her. Thank you for everything!”

Chelsey Lockwood, health care support worker, Appleton ward, Fieldhead
“For their attitude, positivity, and caring nature.”

Chris Campey-Wormwell, area facilities officer, Facilities, Fieldhead
“Chris goes above and beyond his role to be helpful and does it with a smile!”

Chris James, healthcare assistant, Hepworth ward, Newton Lodge
“Chris is an inspiration to work with. Always has a beaming smile on his face. An excellent healthcare assistant.”

Chris Richardson, team leader, rapid response team, Barnsley
“Fantastic team leader. Through significant change always ensure staff and patients are the priority.”

“For being supportive, for working hard and not just sitting behind a desk. Also for having our team’s best interests at heart.”

Christine Deegan, clinical nurse specialist, Calderdale CAMHS eating disorder service, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being the most supportive and approachable professional role model I have ever had the fortune to meet. Christine works tirelessly to meet the needs of young people and families in the most sensitive, inclusive and positive manner. I want to say thank you for her continued support within the eating disorders team, returning after retirement is the dedication to families and colleagues she keeps giving. Now in her 44th year of dedicated service to the NHS and her local community, she continues to graciously share her knowledge and experience to us all and provides support and guidance to allow us to grow and develop within the team.”

Christine Smith, secretary to the chief pharmacist, Pharmacy team, Fieldhead
“Christine goes above and beyond her call of duty. She brings people together, always has a smile on her face.”

“Christine always goes above and beyond to help the entire team. She’s always professional and understanding and always finds time to listen and try and help no matter what the issue is and how much work she has on. This lady is an absolute superstar.”

“Christine goes above and beyond every single day, year after year – she is committed, determined, kind and brilliant at her job! I don’t know what we’d do without her, she ensures everything runs smoothly and makes sure everyone is okay.”

Christine Steward, practice learning facilitator, Kendray
“For being so supportive to the LEMs and being so proactive in enhancing students’ learning and placements with us! A true unsung hero!”

Christopher Keoghan, stop smoking advisor, Yorkshire Smokefree Calderdale
“Supporting me to work with a broken wrist. He would write things down and even open tins of soup for me. I felt special, a valued member of a wonderful team.”

Cindy Briggs, healthcare assistant, Melton suite PICU
“When this person is on shift I know that it’s going to be a good day. This person puts her patients first and would do anything for anyone. I like the way this person carries herself on the ward; kind, compassionate and caring. And definitely hardworking! Always gets the job done! It’s people like this that make the ward work well.”

Clair Pickles, healthcare assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For always working hard, providing high quality, compassionate care, striving for high standards and always smiling!”

Claire Andrews, health care assistant, community mental health team, Folly Hall
“For being simply marvellous!”

Claire Baines, mental health nurse, mental health liaison team, The Dales
“Claire [Pat] is an expert nurse in her own right and doesn’t always know how much knowledge she brings to the team about older people. She is fun to be around on shift when things are challenging and very supportive of others.”

Claire Copley, lead instructor, managing aggression and violence team, Fieldhead
“Claire has been an amazing colleague over the years, throughout our shared journey she has been, and remains incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and caring, not to mention one of the funniest people around. Time and time again she has demonstrated that she is truly a selfless individual who always puts the needs of the service user first as well as an advocate for learning disabilities as a whole. Claire’s drive and determination is a shining example to us all and enables me to improve my practice and my outlook, often giving me a sense of perspective and clarity. A big thank you for being a great practitioner, role model and person.”

Claire Dolby, Speech and language therapy, Barnsley
“Claire brings an energy and enthusiasm to the team and is valued and liked by all.”

Claire Foster, patient affairs administration, healthcare records, Folly Hall Mills
“For being so efficient at her work, always accommodating the requests from various team members, sorting out clinics which have been a big challenge following transformation to services, being so very patient and friendly in her approach towards others. Most of all making every doctor’s life easy by managing all clinics so efficiently.”

Claire Girvan, occupational therapy team leader, Bretton Centre
“Claire has developed into a fantastic OT, a great manager and a real advocate for her profession, team and Trust.”

“Her on-going commitment and dedication to improving the effective delivery of services.”

Claire Ludwell, administration officer, Altogether Better, Fieldhead
“Claire provides emotional support and encouragement to everyone in the office, whether they are a part of her team or not. She always has a smile, some words of encouragement and always does whatever she can to help.”

“When Claire was made aware of a situation involving a service user in crisis in our building, she stayed behind to use her experience and knowledge of the Trust to find the right help for the person. She was calm and keen to help to make sure the situation was resolved. I also love sharing an office with her!”

“Helping in a crisis with a service user and staying to make sure we got the right help.”

Claire McGuiness, mental health practitioner, Calderdale and Kirklees CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Supportive, extremely knowledgeable and very hard working.”

“Going way over and above their job role each and every day, but particularly over the past 18 months for a particular young person to make sure things didn’t break down before this person got a specialist placement to cater for their specific needs.”

Claire Myers, senior management accountant, Finance team, Fieldhead
“Claire is dependable and always goes the extra mile. She is knowledgeable, reliable and an asset to the team, a lovely person to work with.”

Claire Parnham, senior community mental health nurse, Lundwood Health Centre
“Supportive of every member of staff.”

Claire Pendleton, Pharmacy department, Kendray, Barnsley
“Supreme Effort getting in on snow days.”

“Enthusiastically travelling to Fieldhead dispensary 1 day per fortnight.”

Claire Pickersgill, physiotherapist, Older people’s service, Chantry Unit
“Claire is one of the quiet ones. The quiet ones that are actually getting everything done they need to and lots lots more! Claire has a quiet but solid strength that shines in her knowledge, service user care and interaction and participation and promotion of the whole team.”

Claire Sidebottom, team manager, Wakefield East CAMHS, Airedale health centre, Wakefield
“I would like to thank Claire for her continued hard work and dedication to the team and the service. Claire is a great support to her team and to myself as her manager. Claire always ‘gets the job done’ and is a highly valued member of the management team. Thank you, Claire.”

Claire Silverwood, ward sister, Melton Suite, Kendray Hospital
“Helping me through my learning and development, and for encouraging me to go on and study for my nurse training. I hope I can follow in this person’s footsteps, as this person is the kind of mental health nurse I will strive to be. No matter what’s happening in the ward this person is always positive and thinks of a solution to the situation. This person is also extremely kind and puts the patients and her team first. I would really like to see this member of staff be recognised and praised for everything they do.”

Clare Steele, occupational therapist, adult learning disability health service, Keresforth Centre
“For leading the team in difficult circumstances with a calm manner and a gentle way of influencing change. Clare is a supportive leader and just gets on with every challenge thrown at her.”

Claire Wilkinson, ward manager, Priory 2, Fieldhead
“To thank her for being supportive and making me laugh in the face of almost constant adversity. For being a shining light in difficult times.”

Clive Nelson, plumber, Facilities, Fieldhead
“Improving our working environment.”

Colin Hill, safer staffing lead/manager, Block 6, Fieldhead
“For being a brilliant manager. For believing in people and for all the support and encouragement. Brillant bank/peripatetic manager”

“Colin is encouraging of others and is supportive of people’s needs, whether it’s a patient or member of staff, he offers his time wherever he can. He is honest and open, in the sense that there’s no mask or pretence, he is his authentic self, always. I’m my experience, Colin genuinely cares about the quality of care that is provided, including support being available for staff wellbeing. Also, he’s hilarious and makes people smile”.

Craig Proctor, pharmacy technician, Barnsley pharmacy, Kendray Hospital
“Craig is always willing to help in the pharmacy department. He even travels to help out at Fieldhead when he is based at Kendray (and lives in Sheffield). He always has a smile on his face and never complains.”

“Supreme effort getting in on snow days.”

“Craig is a real NHS superstar – he is always helpful (repeatedly travelling across the Trust to help colleagues at other sites) and incredibly good at his job. The NHS needs more people like Craig!”

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