Covid Heroes: O

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with O:

Occupational health team

“The team has always provided a great service.  They have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic for example; setting up an advice line and responding to the ever changing queries throughout; they have continued to deliver core services remotely without impacting on the quality of advice; they have trained vaccinators and helped out at vaccination clinics and I am sure there are other examples that could be listed.

“The OH admin team have provided excellent support to their clinical colleagues, working tirelessly in the office throughout the pandemic to ensure the wheels keep turning.  Also, it can’t be forgotten that the team provide an OH service to three other Trusts as well as our own so they cover a very significant number of employees.

“It is for these reasons I believe the whole team should be recognised as Covid Heros.”

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