Spiritual support stained glass window of a peacock South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

We recognise that spiritual support can be very useful to some people who use our services and their carers at what is often a very difficult time in their lives.

Our spiritual and pastoral care team provides support, guidance and worship opportunities for patients, carers and staff, regardless of religious belief.

Some service users and carers are referred to the team for short courses of counselling in relation to a whole range of personal and relational issues.

This is often about loss and bereavement or in contexts where there is a strong religious or spiritual dimension to the patient’s background.

Spiritual care can help you make the best use of all your personal and spiritual resources in facing and coping with the doubts, anxieties and questions which can arise in a healthcare setting or when you are ill.

We support patients of all faiths (or no faith) and our spiritual and pastoral care team will give you the time and space to you to talk through your feelings, concerns or plans for the future, in confidence and safety.

Having someone to act as a sounding board can help you to find new insights and ways of coping.

The Trust works in line with the Pastoral and Spiritual Care Strategic Framework to ensure spiritual values and spiritual care are at the heart of service planning and delivery within the organisation.

To find out what support is available, ask your care coordinator, or contact the Trust’s pastoral and spiritual care team on 01924 327498 or email Pastoral.Care@swyt.nhs.uk

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