Working in Partnership with People and Communities Consultation

This consultation is CLOSED

Close date: 30th May 2022


NHS England have launched a public consultation on the latest draft guidance on working with people and communities.

The Draft consultation guidance summary and draft consultation guidance documents that need to be reviewed before completing the consultation can be found at Working in Partnership with People and Communities: Summary of draft guidance – NHS England – Citizen Space

By clicking the button titled ‘Link to Consultation’ below you will be directed to a series of 10 questions which should take you roughly 15 minutes to complete. The questions will collect your views on the guidance and will make sure that it meets your needs.

All of the feedback is important and will be used to shape the final version of the guidance. Your responses to this survey will be anonymous.

The consultation survey results and how we have considered them will be collated into a report that will be published on our website. The feedback is collated in a way that is non-identifiable.

There is also an easy read version of the survey that can be found at working-in-partnership-with-people-and-communities-easy-read-v1.2.pdf (

There will also be a Tweet chat hosted from the Twitter account @NHSCitizen on 19 May from 12 to 12:50 pm using the hashtag #StartWithPeople. This will provide an opportunity to offer feedback and thoughts on the draft guidance and how we can further improve it.

Link to Consultation

Consultation location: Trustwide

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