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The Trust wants to create an inclusive environment for staff; this, in turn, ensures that those who use our services feel included as they are supported by people who reflect the local population. The staff networks in the Trust are involving staff to ensure we can actively promote and demonstrate our commitment to equality and diversity.

Who did you consult with and what did you ask?
The Trust regularly consult and involve the networks in all aspects of Trust work. Each network is set up to support improvements in the workplace and to foster good relationships between staff, service users, carers, friends and families. This also supports our work with communities. The networks are detailed below:

  • The LGBT+ network
  • The BAME network
  • The Disability network

Each network has been set up with a view to ensure the Trust is supportive of those from the LGBT+, BAME community and those with a disability. Demonstrating a commitment to this agenda means the Trust can promote itself as a great place to work, encouraging a diverse range of staff to join. A diverse workforce means the Trust can better reflect the population we serve resulting in better outcomes for all.

What did they tell you?

LGBT+: has just defined its role as promoting LGBT+ and recognising individuals who are currently working in the trust. The network aims to, break down barriers and recognise individuals within the workplace. So far there has been excellent feedback with reports of ‘it brings a smile to everyone’s face’. The flag can be seen on Facebook, Twitter and flying at our mast.

BAME: The network creates an environment whereby people support one another in celebrating their achievements, maximising potential and also challenging the Trust when things are not going well. The network involves itself in schemes such as Race forward and delivering an annual event for all staff. As a multicultural society, The Trust want to be a multicultural organisation, where appreciating the value that diversity brings is the fundamental premise. Genuinely appreciating diversity means that we live the values of the Trust and can provide better care for the people that we are here to support.

Disability Network: Members want to empower and support staff with a disability or ongoing long term health condition to achieve and/or maintain their potential by maximising on the contribution of staff in delivering the Trust’s mission, values and strategic objectives and helping to shape and influence policies and procedures within the Trust to ensure that equality is proactively considered.

In addition, all staff networks support people who use our service and create an inclusive environment for staff, families, friends and cares.

What did you do?

All the networks are a point of contact to reach our diverse staff. The networks are engaged on issues relating to equality and diversity.

LGBT+: The recent pride celebrations in the region were also recognised in the shape of a decorated hut (our security box) at the Fieldhead site as well as a flag at our main entrance. The LGBT+ network have a commitment to raising the profile of LGBT+ throughout the organisation.

BAME: By being part of the network means staff have gained access to local and national courses with the NHS Leadership Academy. One staff member has supported the lead for inclusion and talent management with the Leadership Academy, and presented at future events.

Disability Network: A newly formed group have already looked at the policy for supporting people in the workplace. Following a review of disabled car parking spaces – two extra disabled spaces have been created. Collaboration with Learning and Development to support students with disabilities when attending training courses within the Learning and Wellbeing Centre mean staff can request any reasonable adjustments. A permanent hearing loop is now in use in the Large Conference Room. A portable loop is also available in reception which can be used in any of the other training rooms
Going forward a network for carers will be set up as part of the Trust work to deliver on the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Partnership ‘Carers Passport’

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