Calderdale vocational team

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About the service

The Calderdale vocational team specialise in supporting adults experiencing mental ill-health to achieve their vocational goals.

What are vocational goals?

In the vocational team we use this term to describe activities that give a person
meaning or purpose – perhaps finding voluntary work, training and/or educational courses, returning to your workplace after a period of absence, or remaining in work
Our team can help you overcome barriers to achieving your vocational goals. Barriers will be unique to each person but may include managing difficulties with anxiety or low self-esteem or challenging the stigma associated with mental ill-health. We offer occupational therapy-led assessments to identify what vocational support can help you towards your goals. The vocational team can advise on and offer therapeutic coping strategies or interventions to help achieve these goals.

Our Values

We believe everyone has the potential to fulfil their vocational goals with the right support and a commitment from the individual. We are firm believers in the important role vocational activities can play in living well and furthering the recovery journey.

What we require from you:

• You must be between the ages of 18–65-years-old and supported by secondary care mental health services (such as the core pathway, enhanced teams, and early intervention in psychosis service) and be registered with a GP in Calderdale
• Have an interest in accessing volunteering, training or educational courses or wish to access support to retain or remain in work

If you are interested in a referral to the team, please talk with your health care professional or clinical team member who can complete a referral for you.

We also welcome self-referrals using the electronic ‘expression of interest’ facility found under ‘referrals’ below.

Staff you may meet