Children’s disability team

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About the service

The children’s community learning disability nursing team is based within the disabled children’s team which is provided by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. We work together throughout the Barnsley borough supporting children aged 0-17 years old with a learning disability and, or autistic spectrum conditions (ASC). The team works with children, young people and their families within the family home or in the community to provide support and develop skills and knowledge to help with:

  • Structure and routine
  • Strategies to help manage challenging behaviour
  • Mental health issues (anxieties and fears)
  • Relationships
  • Communication packages (picture exchange communication systems, social stories)
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Cygnet parenting support programme
  • Referral to other agencies as required
  • Continuing NHS Healthcare (CHC) assessments
  • Individual work with young people to promote health and wellbeing

The team works with other agencies including paediatricians, child and adolescent mental health services, social workers, children’s centres, therapy services, schools, parents partnership and health visitors.

Why would someone choose the service?

Parents who have had support from our service have reported an increased confidence in understanding and managing situations. Individual work can be offered to children and visual support will be introduced and adapted to meet individual needs.

The team provides a supportive role to families, taking in to account their wishes and feelings. We will liaise closely with all agencies involved with a child, providing a consistent approach and ensuring the child’s needs are paramount.

Our team has a library of resources to support the development of skills and promote health and wellbeing. Our service has had a range of positive feedback from parents that have attended our parenting course.

Staff you may meet