Continence and urology service

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About the service

The continence and urology service provides specialist bladder and bowel assessment, treatment and management for service users with an identified incontinence problem.

We offer specialist assessment in a clinical setting or in the individual’s own home for patients deemed housebound. Assessments can include bladder scans where necessary and will take into account bladder and bowel history, lifestyle and environmental factors in order to determine the most appropriate treatment method. Possible medications are suggested when needed – staff will discuss and identify all possible side effects and advantages, and the correct method of administration of medication. We also provide a referral to other agencies if appropriate.

Where continence aids and appliances are suggested, delivery of identified items will be organised and full instructions on how to apply to maximise their effectiveness demonstrated. Ongoing assessment will be made either face to face or over the telephone, liaising with other health professionals as indicated.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • The service has received a range of positive feedback from patient surveys
  • We provide the ability to be reviewed by the same staff – enabling consistency of care
  • Patients can be seen in a variety of settings – both in clinical areas or in their own home if the patient is deemed housebound.
  • EOL can collect pads from Monday to Friday 8-5pm from Kendray

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