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About the service

Lyndhurst is a mixed-sex inpatient unit for people with serious mental health conditions who require assessment, treatment and rehabilitation back into the community. It supports people in their recovery from mental illness.

The service is based in the community and has 14 inpatient beds. Patients admitted to Lyndhurst have usually already been in hospital, on an acute ward or in a more secure hospital environment.

Patients can be admitted informally or detained under the Mental Health Act.

Lyndhurst helps service users to maximise their quality of life and social inclusion by encouraging their skills and promoting independence, leading to successful community living.

Why would someone choose the service?

Feedback has shown that service users are happy with their care, clear about the future, pleased with the family and service user involvement and feel safe in the unit. Service users know who their key workers are and on the whole had a positive experience. Service users like the fact they have their own space and bedrooms and can purchase their own food etc with their allowance.

All service users are reminded of the importance of being involved in their care plans and this is reflected in the service user surveys.

Staff you may meet