Melton Suite psychiatric intensive care unit (Barnsley)

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About the service

Melton Suite is a psychiatric intensive care unit which provides intensive nursing care for both male and female patients. The 6 bedded unit supports patients who are detained under the mental health act and are in a disturbed phase of their mental disorder.

Before any patient is admitted to the unit, a comprehensive assessment is completed to ensure that the admission is appropriate to the individual’s needs.

Melton Suite aims to support the safe resolution of crisis – enabling individuals to move on to another inpatient ward. The unit does this by providing assessment and intensive care for service users that require a high level of support.

Melton Suite aims to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere between staff, service users, their families and carers by promoting relationships based on mutual trust and an open approach to care and treatment.

The service supports and enables service users to realise their full potential in achieving recovery, ensuring that patients’ expectations are negotiated and agreed with every individual involved in their care. This is at the centre of daily activity on Melton Suite.

The unit provides a proactive and positive approach to care by using effective interventions, activities and open communication to promote a safe and therapeutic environment.

Why would someone choose the service?

Melton Suite aims to help patients manage distressing and challenging mental health problems sensitively, with dignity and respect. We strive to provide patients with individualised care and treatment to promote recovery. We aim to work alongside the service user to determine the best plan of care and course of treatment.

Our purpose-built facility includes:

  • 6 bright and spacious bedrooms, all of which are en-suite
  • Male and female lounges
  • Activity room
  • Gym
  • Gardens
  • Seclusion suite and low stimulus rooms

Our staff proactively offer one-to-one sessions; ensuring that patients are encouraged to be involved in their care planning. With the agreement of the patient, we actively involve relatives and carers in all areas of care and risk assessment.

The service is registered with the National Association for Psychiatric Intensive Care Units in order to provide up-date evidence-based practice.

We have been accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and patient and carer feedback has stated that we are a “fantastic, brilliant, top notch service”.

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