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About the service

Calderdale memory service is a commissioned service for people living in the geographical area of Calderdale. Referrals are received via our Single Point of Access service that leads to a specialist assessment, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment by our memory team.

Calderdale memory service is committed to providing a high quality, person-centred, robust assessment, and diagnostic service for those people thought to be experiencing memory problems that may be associated with a dementia condition.  People with suspected dementia, or who have a diagnosis of dementia, and their carers receive a service that takes into account the persons unique and changing personal, psychosocial and physical needs.

The various functions carried out by Calderdale memory service are as follows:

  • Assessment – provided in a clinic setting or where a person is restricted to home due to physical health then a home visit can be arranged
  • Diagnostic service – provided in a clinic setting with a consultant psychiatrist or an advanced nurse practitioner.
  • Initiation, titration and stabilisation of memory medication.
  • Where appropriate, ongoing support in the community for patients suffering from cognitive impairment associated with dementia.

The service comprises of registered mental health nurses and has an advanced nurse practitioner and a non-medical prescriber as well as access to consultant psychiatrists.

Those people living with dementia who reside in24-hour care and require assessment of their memory and support as to managing challenging behaviours have access to our care home liaison team.

Calderdale memory service works closely with other teams such as the community mental health team, occupational therapists, intensive support, GPs, clinical psychologists, social services, and also third sector services, such as The Alzheimer’s Society.

An initial assessment will be conducted in our memory clinic by one of our memory team and if appropriate a diagnostic appointment will be made with a consultant psychiatrist. In less complex cases a person can be assessed by one of our advanced nurse practitioners. If a person is to begin medical treatment for their dementia they will receive ongoing support and monitoring by one of our memory nurses. Where there is evidence that the person is concordant with their medical treatment, and there are no significant concerns, a transfer of care will take place back to the care of the person’s GP for ongoing prescriptions.  The person can be re-referred to older people’s mental health teams for further assessment and support should the need arise.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • The memory service is MSNAP accredited and is reviewed for quality standards every two years.
  • Calderdale memory service is based at The Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre which is very close to Halifax town centre. It is easily accessed by public transport and has good disabled access. Facilities include a café on the ground floor. Clients and carers alike often comment on the warm welcome they receive from our staff, and how quickly they feel at ease.
  • Our team comprises of highly skilled, experienced, caring staff who strive to ensure your experience of memory services is a positive one. We treat each and every person with dignity and respect, and always ensure that your assessment is not rushed, and all your concerns are heard.
  • Depending on the need we can, if necessary, visit your home to complete our assessment.

Staff you may meet