Mental health support services

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About the service

The service is a tenancy related support service which aims to promote a good quality of life for people with mental health problems who are either on Care Programme Approach (CPA – a specific way of assessing, identifying and reviewing someone’s needs) or identified as having substantial or critical needs.

Staff work with accommodation issues, understanding the benefits system, homelessness and activities of daily living (daily self-care activities) alongside mental health services that the Trust is required by law to provide.

Staff can provide support with enabling individuals to maintain their current tenancies when there are issues with budgeting and finances, particularly when they have large debts. Staff would also look for more suitable accommodation for someone whose current tenancy is not beneficial to their mental health.

Staff can also support people to complete housing forms and close down old tenancies, along with helping individuals to set up in their new accommodation.

Staff also support individuals with applying for benefits that they are entitled to and supporting them through the medical assessments where appropriate.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • Questionnaires and reviews indicate 85% of service users have identified that their goals have been achieved and have been happy with the support provided.
  • Staff work with the service user to ensure their goals are achieved and review their progress on a regular basis.
  • In the ever-changing world of welfare reforms, staff are knowledgeable and can guide, advise and support people through the processes.

Staff you may meet