Single Point of Access (SPA) Barnsley

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About the service

The Single Point of Access team offers a comprehensive assessment for clients referred to mental health services provided by the Trust.

The assessment can take place on NHS premises or in the home and clients will be seen by one or two staff members one of which will be a qualified mental health professional. Clients are welcome to have a member of the family or a friend present at assessment.

At the end of the assessment, clients will be asked to sign an agreement of the outcome and a copy of this will be given to keep. Clients whose needs are more complex may have several assessments or be offered an intervention lasting no more than six weeks. The client’s GP will receive a letter following the assessment including the outcome.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • A client, in the majority of cases, will receive an assessment of their mental health needs within 14 days and sooner if required.
  • Clients will receive a written and signed treatment plan detailing what was agreed after assessment. This makes both the assessor and client clear about what is agreed as the outcome and enables shared accountability. This will also be shared with their GP.
  • Our service will try to offer clients an appointment in a place and time most convenient for them.

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