Ward 18 Priestley unit (Kirklees)

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About the service

Ward 18 is a mixed-sex inpatient ward for working age adults on Priestley unit at Dewsbury and District Hospital. It provides 24 hour support to people experiencing mental health conditions.

The ward aims to provide a relaxing environment for people experiencing a serious mental health condition that requires inpatient treatment.

The ward has 23 single bedrooms, a therapeutic garden, outdoor sports area, gym facilities, laundry, male and female lounges, a large communal area, dining room with conservatory, visiting rooms, a child visiting area, separate male and female corridors, bathrooms, showers and activity rooms.

People will be assessed and treated using a wide range of therapies and approaches provided by doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and the therapeutic activities team.

The ward works closely with a range of community-based teams to promote early discharge and a smooth transition back into the community.

There is also a carer’s support network that provides information and support whilst maintaining patient confidentiality.

Service users on ward 18 may be detained under the Mental Health Act or may be subject to the conditions of the Mental Capacity Act.

Why would someone choose the service?

  • Family and carers are offered one to one support and invited to contribute to team meetings
  • Our facilities are modern, designed to promote privacy and dignity, and have recently been decorated. We also have a fully equipped gym and dedicated ward therapy team
  • Service users will be actively involved in their care plan
  • Our staff will help you work at your own pace and always respect your wishes
  • We run creativity sessions that all service users can take part in and we hold regular exhibitions of work
  • 100% of service users stated that they had been involved in reviews/meetings to discuss their care
  • We are a teaching ward and work closely with Huddersfield University, providing care, education and treatment in line with the latest research
  • We provide ‘person-centred care’ – we develop a care plan around the needs of the service user and, if relevant, their carer(s)
  • The ward works in a way that is focused on recovery, putting service users and carers at the heart of what we do. We listen and act on what they have to say about our services and the way they are delivered
  • Our service is responsive 24 / 7
  • We work closely with many other agencies to ensure the best outcomes for service users and carers

Staff you may meet