Youth offending team

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About the service

We aim to prevent offending by children and young people in Kirklees and provide support to those who are in contact with the criminal justice system.

The Trust works alongside Kirklees Council to provide the service and employs a learning disability nurse to work directly with the team. To ensure that the needs of young people with learning disabilities are met a learning disability nurse ensures the service takes into account the needs of the person in court and throughout their court order.

The learning disability nurse also acts as an advocate to support, educate and advise all parts of the criminal justice system as to the needs of people with learning disabilities.

They also liaise with general and specialist services to ensure support is available to the person and their carers both during and at the end of their court order.

Why would someone choose the service?

People do not choose to come to this service, however, we do have young people and carers who continue to keep in touch with us because of the support they have received.

Staff you may meet