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I have annual leave booked in the next 12 weeks as I was going abroad. Can I cancel my leave and have it at a time when we can travel again?

Please speak to your manager in the first instance.  We appreciate staff do not want to take all the leave they have booked when they cannot go away and if staff levels are depleted the Trust will appreciate staff cancelling their leave. However, you may …

Can I be redeployed to a different area of work/clinical area and will I be forced to change my working patterns?

Yes, the Trust can ask you to move areas and undertake a different role to the one that you have. Appropriate induction/training will be provided. This may include changing shift patterns if this is possible based on personal circumstances and service need. The aim of …

If I am pregnant and don’t want to attend work clinically or non-clinically, can I use all of my next year’s annual leave entitlement to run up to me commencing maternity leave?

You should request annual leave with your line manager as normal. You can take the annual leave for this financial year but you will have no leave if you return to work from maternity leave during this financial year.