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I have recruited a new employee but they have said they cannot start until much later due to the pandemic. Should I withdraw the offer?

As a manger you should have a conversation with the newly recruited member of staff to discuss their situation. You may also be able to discuss alternative hours to allow them to start employment in the short term. If they are still unable to start …

I have already advertised a post but it is not essential I undertake the recruitment at this time. What should I do?

If you would like the post to be suspended you can email the recruitment team on with the job reference number and the message you wish to send the candidates. The recruitment team will then send an update to them via NHS Jobs.

I have a member of staff who has agreed to join the Trust through the national Bring Back Staff campaign. Do we have to wait for their DBS check to come back before they can start?

If the individual has had a DBS in the last 3 years (and is at the right level e.g. enhanced with relevant barring list checks) then we will assess the suitability of the individual based on this information and ensure relevant risk assessments are in …

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