Annual Members’ meeting

The Trust is required to hold an Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) where at least one of our directors presents the Trust’s Annual Report and accounts to our members. This meeting is held in public. The Annual Members’ Meeting is open to all members of the Trust, governors, directors and the wider public. The auditors, partners and stakeholders are also invited to attend.

The Constitution requires the Trust to present a review of the past year, the finances and a look forward to the coming year.The Annual Members’ Meeting also provides the Members’ Council with an opportunity to describe how governors have supported and contributed to the Trust, and how governors have been involved throughout the year.

The Annual Members’ Meeting is also used to showcase services and to demonstrate how the Trust works in partnership with others and the alternative approaches to the delivery of healthcare.

Annual Members’ meeting 2022

Our Annual Members’ Meeting 2022 took place on Tuesday 18 October 2022 at the Digital Media Centre, Barnsley.

This year, as well as sharing the work of our Trust, there was an opportunity to meet voluntary sector and recovery college colleagues at our interactive marketplace event, which showcased projects and initiatives from around the Trust and at community level.  It was an opportunity for our members and public to meet our Directors, Governors and colleagues from across the Trust. There was a presentation of our annual report, accounts for 2021/22 and our plans for the coming year.

You can watch the video here.

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Read the agenda here.

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