Whistleblowing Policy

Document date: July 26, 2023

The Trust is committed to providing high-quality services which promote the health, safety and dignity of people who use its services. In order to achieve these standards, the Trust welcomes challenge and views it as a crucial source of intelligence. Everyone is
encouraged to use this Policy to report any malpractice, illegal acts or omissions. The Trust encourages the raising of concerns, openly, honestly and as part of everyday practice. When concerns are raised at an early stage, corrective action can be put in place quickly. The Trust will ensure that any individual who raises a genuine concern will not be at risk of losing their job or suffer any form of retribution as a result. Harassment or victimization of anyone raising a genuine concern will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken.

Everyone working on behalf of the Trust has a right, duty and obligation to raise matters of concern which they regard as serious, about health service issues, associated with the delivery of care or services, including the safeguarding of service users, clients or staff. This Policy compliments the various professional codes of conduct.

The Trust has a separate policy and guidance on being open when things go wrong (Duty of Candour).

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