Excellence in improving care

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Creating autism friendly environments, service for adults with autism and ADHD

The checklist for autism friendly environments raises awareness of how people can make places more autism friendly. The checklist has now been endorsed by NICE and the National Autism Society and is recognised nationally as a model of good practice. The checklist is now taken into account by the Trust in the design of buildings, including better signage, lighting and the adoption of non-ticking clocks in clinical areas – something service users have been asking for. Work is ongoing across the whole Trust to embed the checklist’s ethos – ‘simple changes can make big differences’ – leading to greater awareness and a change of culture.

Highly commended

Barnsley CAMHS young people’s outreach team

This team works with very vulnerable and complex young people who are at risk of serious harm. These young people often need a special kind of clinician to support them and ensure they get the best possible outcome. The team are committed to putting the needs of the young people first and show outstanding commitment both in time and resources. In recent months the team have had a number of high profile cases which have involved the team being stretched to meet demands. They have shown great resilience, supporting each other and often going above and beyond ensuring that the best interests of the young people have been met.

Creating a pictorial menu for people with learning disabilities for the Horizon Centre

Service users were struggling to engage with the existing written menu at Horizon Centre, resulting in some people not always getting the meal they wanted. A team of specialists came together to produce an accessible menu to allow service users on Horizon to gain more confidence and independence in meal selection and also to meet nutritional needs. It involved researching accessible information requirements, photographing all meals and designing a pictorial menu which includes a key for healthy choice and high energy meals. Service users and staff reviewed the pictorial menu positively as it has enabled people to choose appropriate meals more independently.

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