Primary care nursing team

Who are the primary care nursing team?

The primary care nursing team (PCNT) is part of mental health care services in Barnsley.
We offer nurse led clinic-based sessions to help understand and manage anxiety and low mood.
The work is short term, structured, and requires a commitment to attend scheduled appointments.

What the sessions include

You will meet with a senior mental health nurse. Sessions will last up to an hour in a clinic base.
Sessions may include understanding and managing issues related to anxiety and depression. To make it personal to you, meetings can also focus on building on personal strengths, setting realistic goals, safety planning and physical wellbeing.

We may discuss referral to specialist organisations who have expertise in specific areas (listed at the end of this leaflet) and who may be beneficial alongside our work.

We are unable to prescribe medication or offer diagnosis. We do not offer formal therapy and we are not a crisis response team.

Options for the sessions

Sessions will usually be either face to face or by video in certain circumstances. If you meet face to face with a nurse, you would be in a quiet and private room. If you have the sessions by video, it is best if you are in a quiet room on your own, with the space and freedom to talk openly and privately with your nurse.

Interpreters are available for people who are non-English speaking or who require British Sign Language.

Working with us

Change is hard, but your nurse is there to support you in starting this in your sessions. Commitment from you involves completing activities between sessions, attending regularly and being aware that you may find parts of the work particularly challenging.

What happens after the sessions?

Remember that we all need time and ongoing commitment to improve our mental wellbeing. We would recommend that you take time to put into practice any learning once sessions have ended. You will discuss endings in advance with your nurse and other relevant services can be in place.

Useful contacts

Organisations which you may find helpful:

The Exchange Recovery and Wellbeing College
Offers a range of free course and workshops that promote wellbeing and good health.
01226 730433

Independent Domestic Abuse Service (IDAS)
Support for people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.
03000 110110

Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Service (BSARCS)
01226 320140

Specialist mental health service for veterans.
0800 1381619

South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association (SYEDA)
Self-refer through the website:

Advice and support organisation run by and for disabled people and carers in Barnsley. Can help with benefit support.
01226 240273

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