Rising star


Maimuna Gaye

Ward manager, Nostell ward
Representing Wakefield BDU

From her first shift on ward it was obvious that Mai’s focus was very much on service users and making their journey all about them and their recovery. Her passion and commitment to the service users is evident in her everyday practice and she always makes herself available to spend time with people. She does everything with a huge, infectious smile that radiates around the ward. She makes a positive difference to service users every day and this was summed up by a service user who said: “I love it when Mai is on the ward, she’s like a ray of sunshine lighting up our day.”

Gavin Richardson

Digital communications and marketing manager
Representing support services

Gavin helps the Trust to embrace innovative ways of communicating, new technologies, and be better prepared for a future where people access healthcare in a different way. Since starting with the Trust he has made a huge impact – both personally and professionally. He has used his natural charm and down to earth nature to build strong relationships with suppliers and partners as well as ensure staff are involved, engaged and brought along with his work. As well as developing a new website for the Trust, he has overseen a new strategic approach to social media, leading to a huge uptake in Twitter and Facebook impressions.


Caroline Pegg

Specialist resuscitation officer
Representing Barnsley BDU

Caroline joined the Trust in 2016 from Yorkshire Ambulance Service. She admitted she knew very little about the culture of a mental health organisation, but her steep learning curve has seen Caroline develop training and education opportunities for staff that weren’t readily available before she started. Since her arrival in the Trust, training figures have improved by over 25% and she provides passionate, inspirational training sessions which have a direct effect on patient care. She is an outstanding leader and a huge asset to improved physical healthcare in the mental health community.

Jo Baldwin

Advanced practitioner, criminal justice liaison
Representing specialist BDU

Jo has set up a new service working with the courts and probation service. She has developed networks with criminal justice agencies and has made strong links into prisons and developed information sharing systems with the police. She has also delivered lots of learning disability awareness training including to Kirklees and Leeds Magistrates and Crown Court, who said “Training was really helpful”. Because Jo is relevant today and ready for tomorrow, this area is now more recognised nationally.

Jonathan Clamp

Representing Calderdale and Kirklees BDU

Jonny is friendly, enthusiastic and shows a real interest in his role. He began his career in an admin assistant post in March 2018, joining the admin team hub in Folly Hall supporting the clinical teams, but when a vacancy became available in June, he acted up to band 3 admin/secretary. His eagerness to learn new skills, dedication and enthusiasm meant that he was soon fulfilling all the duties of the new role. He is open, honest, reliable, flexible and hard-working; he adapts to change well and is always looking at ways of updating systems and improving ways of working to benefit everyone.

Rebecca Shaw

Forensic social worker
Representing forensic BDU

Since Rebecca started with the Trust, she has grown in confidence and is dedicated to providing a good service to patients on the learning disability pathway. She has built up good relationships with patients and nursing staff and is well liked. She has worked to find creative ways for moving patients on who have been detained at medium security for many years and has been able to make links with supporting services such as home area community services, probation, and victim services. She is motivated and will continue building her experience and skills to progress whilst maintaining great values of care and belief in patients to optimise their potential.

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