Barnsley core recovery skills online

Welcome to the Recovery Skills Training Course (RSTC)

The RSTC is a self-help course that focuses on your wellbeing. The ideas and strategies in the course have been researched and have shown to be effective in helping people improve their coping skills. Importantly, the RSTC has been shaped by people who have completed the course, and they have made sure the course is easy to understand.

There are 7 modules in total. You will begin with how you can better look after yourself, then better understand and manage difficult feelings, improving relationships, and live a life focused on what is important to you. There is a final space to bring it all together and revisit any of the RSTC.

This version has been produced online, so you can go at your own pace in the comfort of your own environment. It is guided by audio from coaches. We believe it is best completed with some conversations with someone else; a member of staff, someone close to you, though some people prefer to complete it alone.

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