Admiral nurses

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About the service

Admiral nurse logo with Dementia UK partnership South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Dementia UK, who founded and developed the Admiral Nursing model, works in partnership with  South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG  and NHS North Kirklees CCG to help to govern, monitor, and support the Admiral Nurse service.

Admiral Nurses are registered community mental health nurses who specialise in dementia care. Working in partnership, they provide person-centred support to carers and families of people living with dementia. They also work with other agencies and staff that provide care for people living with dementia, offering invaluable support, education and information.

Admiral Nurses offer individualised support for family carers and people with dementia. They provide an assessment of people’s needs and a range of therapeutic approaches designed to promote emotional wellbeing and equip family carers with skills and information.

Services offered include:

  • Person-centred assessments of the needs of family carers and individuals with dementia
  • Psychological support to help family carers and people with dementia understand and deal with their feelings and emotions
  • Relevant information presented in a way that can be easily understood
  • Practical advice
  • Helping family carers to develop and improve skills in caregiving
  • Education and support around the behavioural aspects of dementia
  • Clear guidance about how appropriate services and sources of support can be accessed in local areas
  • Liaison with other professionals and organisations to ensure that families obtain co-ordinated support
  • Therapeutic, psycho-educational and social support groups for family carers
  • Referral to treatment and support services

You can read our service information leaflet here.


Why would someone choose the service?

  • We are specialists in all aspects of dementia and can give help and guidance through care and services.
  • We are carer led and work with the full family to support them to work with the person with dementia.
  • Our Nurses respect your ability to make decisions for the person you care for’s future.
  • We offer continuity of contact and you will work with the same nurse throughout your time caring for someone with dementia.
  • 92% of our carers said they received good information about dementia from the Admiral Nurses.
  • We facilitate the Positive Steps Carers’ Education course which aims to give you the information, skills and support you need to care for someone with dementia.
  • We work closely with other health and social care professionals and will help you to navigate where you can get support.

Staff you may meet