Unsung hero


Val Crawshaw

Activity co-ordinator
Representing Barnsley BDU

During Val’s 35 years’ service she has never lost her enthusiasm, energy and positivity. She approaches every patient as though they were a member of her own family, and cares about all the little details necessary to put people at ease. Val always goes that extra mile to ensure that if something is needed it gets done – she is a motivator and problem solver. Staff and patients alike over the years would agree that the NHS and the world are better with people like Val in it, and her impact on all of her team, patients and families is immeasurable.

Runner up

Steven Tansley

Representing Wakefield BDU

Steven has been a meet and greet volunteer within the Wakefield and 5 Towns Recovery College since early 2016. When Steven first joined this team, his confidence needed rebuilding. Two years later and Steven’s confidence has come on leaps and bounds, seeing him offer shadowing sessions to teach new volunteers the ropes and co-facilitating courses at the college. Steven is always incredibly reliable, professional, encouraging and conducts himself with empathy and compassion for our students and tutors. The college receives continual feedback to say that Steven’s presence and skills make those he comes into contact with feel supported, enabled, reassured and comforted.


Charity Telfer

Mental health practitioner
Representing specialist BDU

Charity always shows an outstanding commitment to the service and the young people she works with. There is no task too big when it relates to a patient’s care or treatment, and Charity will always seek ways to improve systems and processes around the child to improve the outcomes where possible. She always volunteers if there is a task to complete and does so in a positive, caring and compassionate way. Charity is motivating and inspiring to colleagues, and works hard to develop new skills and knowledge. Her relationships across the service are outstanding and she is well thought of both within the service and externally.

Colin Linstead

Maintenance, facilities
Representing support services

Colin was nominated by the forensic BDU management team for showing his understanding of the secure services and its particular needs within his every day working. He ensures that the priorities are taken care of as a matter of urgency, and is always happy to respond quickly and efficiently to ensure that safety remains a priority. Colin does everything with a smile on his face. He listens to the needs of the staff and service users in order to get the best outcome of any work that he is undertaking, and staff and service users enjoy his humour, personality and his support to the service.

Paul Andrews

Health roster administrator
Representing forensic BDU

Paul started his career in forensic services working as a health care support worker for many years. His career has taken a number of twists and turns as a result of his own health in recent years, which has been a personal challenge and has brought him significant change. He is a shining example of how coping with significant personal change does not necessarily mean restricted opportunities. Paul has a strong core of positivity and optimism and it is this that has driven him on, to change his skillset and provide a continued and an invaluable contribution both to this BDU and to the wider Trust.

Rebecca Wadsley

Senior physiotherapy assistant
Representing Calderdale and Kirklees BDU

Rebecca is truly dedicated to her work and this shines through from feedback from staff and service users alike. She genuinely cares about the service users and spends time getting to know all about them and hands this information over to qualified staff so that any therapy genuinely fits their needs. Rebecca is keen to develop in her role, and has been on several courses so that she is always able to offer the best possible interventions to the service users that she works with. In difficult times her values and dedication have been evident, demonstrating her passion and commitment.

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