NHS pension scheme

Introduction to the videos – this video describes what each of the 10 videos will include in more detail.

  1. An overview of the NHS Pension Scheme – this video explains what the NHS Pension Scheme is and gives a brief overview of the benefits payable from the NHS Pension Scheme.
  2. How much does the scheme cost? – this video explains how much the NHS Pension Scheme costs staff and the employer in contributions and describes how pensions tax relief works on pensions contributions.
  3. How your pension builds up – this video explains how an individual’s pension builds up over each year and over their career, whether they are a member of the final salary scheme or career average scheme.
  4. Keeping track of your pension – this video focuses on how staff can keep track of their pension by looking at their Total Reward Statement (TRS).
  5. Protection benefits – this video describes the protection benefits that are provided to staff who are part of the NHS Pension Scheme.
  6. Leaving the scheme – this video explains what would happen to the benefits when staff leave the NHS Pension Scheme.
  7. Retiring from the scheme – this video explains the different aspects of retiring from the scheme, whether in normal health or ill health. This video also covers flexible retirement.
  8. Saving enough to stop work – this video goes through some of the action’s members might want to consider so that they can think about whether they are saving enough to be able to stop working in the future.
  9. Ways to increase your benefits – this video explains ways in which staff can pay more to increase their pension scheme benefits.
  10. Pensions tax– this video explains the annual allowance and lifetime allowance and how members can pay a tax charge.


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