14th –20th June is Carers Week and National Men’s Health Week and NHS staff in Dewsbury are holding a special event to mark both these important weeks.

Staff at the Priestley Day Unit, run by the South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust, are holding a ‘Healthy You’ event on 18 June, 10.45am – 2.15pm.

The event will provide a range of activities which are specifically designed with carers in mind and these include:

A doctor’s surgery for carers; A health MOT; a practise nurse will be on hand to take people’s blood pressure, monitor pulse rates etc and offer advice · Relaxation sessions and Sensory Hand Massage · Indian Head Massage and Facials · Aromatherapy and crystal healing · Chiropody · Men’s health advice · A range of information on looking after your health.

All carers who attend will also be given a goody bag, this will contain leaflets and gifts provided by Carers Gateway and Social Services, and health promotion gifts provided by the day unit. Carers will also be asked to provide "tips for relaxing" and a prize will be given for the most innovative entry.

Speaking about the event, staff from the Day Unit explained. ‘Carers often don’t take the time to look after themselves as they are so busy looking after the person they are supporting, they owe it to themselves to take a look at their own health and relaxation opportunities.

‘Also, traditionally, men don’t take their health as seriously as they should and should reassess how they look after themselves. This event hopes to provide useful support and information to carers of people with mental health problems, and everyone is welcome to attend.’


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