Mental health service users, carers and staff will be taking part in a variety of celebrations across Calderdale to mark World Mental Health Day 2004

The day is being commemorated by the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust with events in a variety of settings, across Calderdale in the week leading up to World Mental Health Day, which takes place on 10th October. Events are being held out in the community to ensure that the positive message of World Mental Health Day reaches as many people as possible.

On Wednesday 6th October there will be an information stand in Asda at Thrum Hall, Halifax providing information, advice and leaflets to take away. Staff will be manning the stand, talking to members of the public about Trust services and answering any questions that members of the public may have about mental health.

On Thursday 7th October, the same information will be available to people visiting Tescos in Brighouse. Staff will be on hand to talk to people about looking after their well-being, and there will be information to take away.

Heather Sansom, patient and public liaison manager is co-ordianting this year’s events, she said, ‘World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity to get out in the community and promote a positive image of mental health. Staff and service users enjoy talking to the public, and this helps to remove the stigma that is often associated with mental health problems.

‘The emphasis of this year’s celebrations is the link between mental and physical well-being, emphasising that we must look after our physical health and mental health to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

‘I’d encourage anybody to come along and find out some more information, mental health problems affect one in four people in the course of year so they are a lot more common than many people think.’

For more information about World Mental Health Day and the events that are being held visit www.southwestyorkshire.nhs.uk


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