South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust has today welcomed the publication of findings following a review of its services by the Healthcare Commission.

The Healthcare Commission’s review was conducted as part of a programme that looks at the quality of care in all NHS organisations in the country. It covers things such as what it’s like to use services, how good the systems are for safeguarding and improving the quality of care and what could be done to improve people’s experience of using services.

The Commission was impressed with aspects of the Trust’s work, highlighting in particular: • The approach to involving service users, carers and partners in its work • A joint project with Kirklees Social Services which provides a range of imaginative therapies for young people • The Inspire project, which promotes different forms of art therapy • A service user research group, which had led to improvements in services.

The Commission has also recommended areas for improvement, in particular the need to improve the environment of some inpatient and community services, to continue work with primary care and local authority organisations to secure the best future for child and adolescent services and learning disability services, and to reduce the numbers of people having to travel out of the area for treatment.

Judith Young, Chief Executive of the Trust said: ‘The review has been a positive experience for us, and staff have shown excellent support for the process. The report published by the Commission highlights our commitment to working with service users and carers to provide the best possible services and to continually take account of their views and expertise. It also comments on the work that is currently underway to look at how best to provide inpatient services in the future, to make sure we use buildings that are safe and fit for purpose, and deliver modern mental health services in appropriate community settings.

‘We will be looking in detail at the Commission’s finding and producing an action plan in conjunction with staff, service users, carers and partners to make sure we address all the issues raised by the Commission.’


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