Local school children learn lessons on mental health


The South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust visited Howden Clough Girls’ High School, Batley to raise awareness about mental health issues.

The day was organised as part of Howden Clough’s ‘healthy schools week’ and pupils had the chance to learn how to take care of their mental health and speak to health professionals.

Pupils also watched a play performed by a group of people with mental health problems which aimed to raise awareness and stop the stigma surrounding those who have mental illness.

Mark Hinchliffe from the North Kirklees Community Mental Health Team said, "We wanted to raise awareness of mental health with young people. We concentrated on issues that affect young people and teenagers such as bullying and managing stress. We wanted to take the mystery that surrounds mental health away."

"It was very well received by the pupils here. If these pupils learn how to deal with stress and anxiety during their teenage years there’s much less chance of them becoming unwell in the future," he continued.

Teacher Ellen Hill said, "This was a fantastic opportunity to get the girls thinking about healthy living issues particularly mental wellbeing. They were able to get information and advice on where to go if they ever needed help. The performance was very thought-provoking and powerful as well; the girls were all talking about it afterwards."

"It is great to involve other agencies like the NHS in our healthy schools week. As well as this event we’ve had healthy school lunches and emptied the vending machine of fizzy pop and crisps. It was a brilliant day in the middle of a very positive week," she added.

This was the first time that the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust held a health promotion event at a school. The Trust plans to do similar events with other schools and colleges across the area.

Local school children learn lessons on mental health

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