Cutting edge technology to help people with dementia


People with dementia living in Mirfield will soon be safer and more secure in their own homes thanks to a new pilot scheme launched today by the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust and Kirklees Social Services.

The homes of people with dementia will be equipped with space-age technology such as flood detectors, fall detectors, video door entry and medication dispensing systems. All the equipment then connects to a care phone centre which has care plans and contact details for each individual.

The care phone centre will then contact carers, family members or the emergency services so that the problem can be solved straight-away.

Partnership Commissioning Manager Paul Evans says, ‘This project is an exciting opportunity to use innovative approaches to supporting people with dementia through technology to help them remain independent for as long as possible in their own homes. Our aim is not to replace people with technology but to enhance our people based services to promote person centred care’.

The approach is called telecare – the delivery of health and social care services to people in their own homes using a combination of sensor, information and communication technology.

Kirklees social services secured £10,000 to implement a pilot project in partnership with the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust. The project will be run by the North Kirklees memory service. The South Kirklees Alzheimer’s society will also be involved with the project.

Cutting edge technology to help people with dementia

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