Group anxious about venue!


A community group for people with anxiety and depression is looking for a town centre venue – in order to bring the group closer to the people it is trying to help.

If you know of any venues that have easy access and are with-in a short distance of the Huddersfield Bus station, for a half a day a week – the group would like to hear from you.

The group aims to help people over 65 who have depression and anxiety problems. Therapy team leader Jacqui Goff explains, "Anxiety and depression affect many older people. The groups are run by health professionals and we help people with these problems by giving them information about the condition, and teaching them self-help techniques. "

Anxiety is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. It is the body’s way of preparing itself to cope with threat or danger. But for some people anxiety becomes more severe and interferes with everyday life. Physical symptoms of anxiety can include: • Dizziness/headaches • Choking feeling/nausea/dry mouth • Speech difficulties • Skin changes colour/sweating/skin rashes • Back pain • Loss of appetite/increased appetite • Rapid respiration/tight chest • Increased heart rate • Tremors/shakiness • Indigestion • Bowel problems/desire to urinate more frequently • Sexual problems • Rapid pulse • Butterflies • Talking too much/or very little • Laughing • Neck/shoulder pain • Muscle tension/restlessness/jelly legs

Just as people experience stress and anxiety in different ways the same can be said about depression. Some people may only experience a few of the following symptoms and others may find that they experience all of them. • Low mood • Lethargy • No motivation • Negative thoughts • Difficulty making decisions • Loss of interest in things you once enjoyed • Thinking life is not worth living

Jacqui says, "These symptoms may be triggered by life events and/or biological changes and each of us respond in different ways. With support and help these can usually be overcome. In the group sessions we help people learn how to challenge negative thinking, how to use relaxation techniques, and look at how the circle of anxiety and depression can affect thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The aim is to help people get on with enjoying life once again.

"The group has been running for almost a year and is currently based in the Crosland Moor area. Group members have asked that the sessions be moved to a more central position to make it more accessible for more people. It would be great if we could find a city centre venue," she continues.

If you know of any suitable city centre venues please contact Jacqui Goff on 01484 343424. If you think you may have anxiety or depression your GP can offer advice and treatment including referring you to groups like this one.

Group anxious about venue!

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