NHS staff hold fundraising Ramadan fast


A group of NHS staff from Dewsbury abstained from food and drink for a day to raise money for charity and to increase understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. All the money raised will be used to help build a well in Africa.

The staff – from South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust – fasted from sunrise until sunset and observed the same rules as Muslims who fast every day during the month of Ramadan. The staff then broke the fast with a traditional meal and some Muslim prayers at a special event at Pakistani Kashmiri welfare association (PKWA), Staincliffe, Batley.

Speaking at the event clinical psychologist Phil Stewart said, "The idea is to increase understanding of what our Muslim colleagues and Muslim service users are experiencing every day during Ramadan. This is the second time we have organised the sponsored fast and it’s a great opportunity to break down barriers and gain an insight into Islam and Ramadan. It also reminds us what it must be like for the millions of people who go hungry and thirsty every day throughout the world."

Staff got sponsored for the fast and there was also a collection for Make Poverty History campaign and Human Appeal international at the PKWA event.

NHS staff hold fundraising Ramadan fast

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