Improvements for older people’s ward at Dewsbury hospital


The Mary Wilkinson ward – an inpatient unit for older people with mental health problems at the Priestley Unit, Dewsbury and District Hospital – is being refurbished. Staff and patients from the ward have been temporarily moved to Ward 4, Bronte Towers, Dewsbury and District Hospital for the next 10-12 weeks while the refurbishment takes place.

Ward development manager Andrew Stapley said, "The whole ward is being revamped including new carpets, flooring, new bedrooms and general re-decorating. Some of the offices are being changed into living space. There will be the same number of beds, but we’re using the space differently. There’s going to be a new conservatory and access into the ward’s garden too."

He continued, "We’ve made sure that the temporary move to Ward 4 has been as smooth as possible for our patients. We’ve kept everyone well informed about what’s happening and some of the patients have been involved in choosing the colours for the new ward. We’re looking forward to moving back to the refurbished ward – patients will benefit from the brighter colours and it’s going to be a calmer, more settling environment for them with easier access to the outdoors."

Improvements for older people’s ward at Dewsbury hospital

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