Discover the history behind Stanley Royd


Do you want to know more about Wakefield’s old asylum, Stanley Royd? Maybe you or someone you know has connections with hospital or personal memories and stories. Well, thanks to social historian Mark Davis and Michael McCarthy, curator at the Trust’s museum at Fieldhead, it is now possible to delve into the past and find out more about Stanley Royd and the people that worked and received treatment there. What’s more, you can share your own experiences if you have them and help keep history alive.

Mark and Michael have developed a comprehensive website dedicated to Stanley Royd Hospital that invites people to contribute to the site by sending in their own stories and photographs. The site is thought-provoking and full of photographs, fascinating facts and stories as well as personal interviews with people who have memories of the old asylum.

Mark created the site and said, ‘The website is a real labyrinth that will grow and grow as more people find out about and contribute to it. It is a window into the past and an opportunity to really get underneath the social history behind Stanley Royd. It’s not so much about facts, figures or places, but about the people affected by Stanley Royd and the reality of their experiences.’

See the Stanley Road website for yourself.

If you have any memories or photographs of Stanley Royd that you would like to share on the website, email Mark Davis at or call him on 07833110110.

Discover the history behind Stanley Royd

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