Nurse’s new knowledge to benefit local people with mental health problems


A community psychiatric nurse says his new qualification and knowledge will help to ‘promote optimism’ amongst local people with mental health problems.

Patrick Gomery, 41, has gained a BSC Honours as a nurse practitioner in psychosocial interventions (PSI) from York University. Patrick lives in Knottingley and works for Batley’s adult community mental health team, which is run by South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust. The Trust funded Patrick’s degree.

Psychosocial interventions offer alternative ways of treating people with mental health problems including talking therapies, social skills training, voluntary work, and recreational activities. They focus on involving and empowering people who use services in any decisions relating to their care and work on the basis that people are kept fully informed of their options, as well as their implications. This ensures that people receive the right care, tailored to suit their individual needs – this echoes everything that the Trust strives to achieve in the care it provides.

Patrick said, "Gaining a degree in psychosocial interventions (PSI) has helped me to focus on the whole spectrum of mental health interventions, build my confidence and develop specific knowledge and skills. On a personal level it has given me more direction and empowered me to ask questions others find hard to ask within my role. "

He continued, "The degree has enabled me to work in a variety of ways using a diverse approach to help people with mental health problems out in the community. I now have a specialism but the generic nature of PSI also means I can apply it to mental health problems across the board. I feel my new knowledge has greatly benefitted the people I provide care for because it opens up new possibilities, by promoting optimism and choice on their road to recovery."

The Trust’s learning and development manager Maggie Bell said, "Learning is a brilliant way for staff to further their personal development and enhance their capabilities within their role. It is something we encourage all our staff to do and are keen to support them in every way possible."

Nurse’s new knowledge to benefit local people with mental health problems

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