Trust football league kicks off!


A five-a-side football league for people who use mental health services provided by South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust kicked off today with a special tournament at The Zone in Huddersfield.

The Good Mood football league was set up last year to encourage people to get active and boost their social life whilst looking after both their mental and their physical wellbeing. Today’s tournament brought together staff and people who use services with nine teams competing for first place.

A team from Dewsbury called ‘Access 100’ won the tournament and all 5 players were delighted to be in the winning team after the first round of matches.

One of the participants who took part in the tournament said, "I’m really excited that the league has started again. I played last year too and really enjoyed it. It’s great being part of a team and I’m keen to get my fitness levels back up!" League organiser and the Trust’s diversity and equality manager, Aboobaker Bhana said, "Exercise is good for everyone’s mind and bodies and the Good Mood football league will encourage our service users to keep fit whilst doing something fun and sociable. We hope that getting involved in the league will help those people with mental health problems to feel well both physically and mentally."

Trust football league kicks off!

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